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There are other worthwhile candidates: women with 'Baby on Board' stickers in their car who speed along 30mph roads oblivious to everyone around them; people who like to display their benightedness as a badge of honour; English arrogance (hey, I'm Welsh, I've got good reason to have a chip on my shoulder); automated phone systems; every other motorist in the country; the M5; Robert KilroySilk; people in motorised wheelchairs who ride far too quickly along busy pavements scattering pedestrians into the road, or clipping their heels and glaring at you as if it was your fault.
What Bagehot called the "party-spirit" shapes their every utterance and makes of their every narrative a fable of moral combat in which the forces of enlightenment (the Democratic Party) and the forces of benightedness (the Republican Party) struggle for ascendency.
But as Jeffrey recounted his experiences and shared slide after slide of lush landscapes and strikingly colorful birds, my boredom disappeared along with my benightedness. It turns out these far-flung islands host an array of native birds that, like those found in Hawaii and other island ecosystems, have evolved in distinct and fascinating ways.
Domestic life in the age of Goethe, the endearing absurdities of the Romantic movement, the unimaginable benightedness of eighteenth-century medicine--all are brought wittily to life, with a lightness of touch that is the last thing we associate with the costume-drama atmosphere of most historical fiction.
Yet benightedness about Porter's Texas roots and artistry continues.
One is to conservative churches, which, for all their social benightedness, nevertheless do present their congregations with a different view of reality.
With Children, the portrayal of lumpen-prole benightedness is applauded by the proles themselves as knee-slappingly on target, it only confirms the sense that there is little point in suggesting the possibility of dignity and self-transcendence.
Too much is lost in Rorty's interpretations to assign it all to his benightedness. Indeed, Rorty justifies his evident and willful distortion of Heidegger's views on the grounds that he is merely giving a violent, that is, Heideggerian, interpretation to Heidegger himself (49).
However, Glasgow, exaggerating the benightedness of the Virginia farmers she claims to represent, sets the stage for her iconoclastic "loan of Arc" of the Virginia Piedmont to carry forward her modernizing mission (464-65).
There is silence in his writings (as presented here) on the evils of European colonialism, and he even goes so far as to blame the existence of African slavery on "the weakness, the benightedness, and the degradation" of the Africans themselves ("Address to the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society," 1851, p.