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[12] showed that it is possible to make a specific diagnosis of benignancy or malignancy based on the measurement of the thickest part of the cavity wall, with lesions with less than 4 mm of wall thickness considered as benign and greater than 15 mm of wall thickness considered as malignant.
Atypical Spitz tumors exemplify the limitations in applying an "all-or-none" approach to assigning benignancy or malignancy to some tumor types.
There were only 24.32% malignant cases followed by 2 cases of C-4 (suspicious for malignancy) and one case of C-3 (Suspicious for benignancy).
Recently, application of MRI scan in pelvic lesions are throwing up more information and clarity on its ability to diagnose more anatomical details and pathological--morphological pattern needed to ascertain the benignancy or malignancy of a lesion.
(3) Based on morphology and benignancy versus malignancy, they can be subdivided into schwannomas, neurofibromas, and malignant PNSTs.
Kabeshima et al., "Borderline cases between benignancy and malignancy of the duodenum diagnosed successfully by endoscopic submucosal dissection Endoscopic submucosal resection for duodenal tumor," Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology, vol.
[15], the 2x2 table was interpreted as the result of the mathematical operation of aggregation, based on the min [x, y] operator, within the fuzzy subsets P and N (expressing the test results) and the subsets "test results associated with malignancy" (M) and "test results associated with benignancy" (B), that is,
Histological testing of SCNB specimens demonstrated malignancy in 14 (20.9%) biopsies, with 46 (68.7%) specimens showing benignancy. In 7 (10.4%) specimens, the pathology report stated benign features but questioned whether the specimens were of a representative nature (Fig.