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The mists had congregated about the distant mountainside, and there were seen the grand and awful features of the Great Stone Face, awful but benignant, as if a mighty angel were sitting among the hills, and enrobing himself in a cloud-vesture of gold and purple.
In another direction was seen the Great Stone Face, with the same cheer, combined with the same solemnity, in its benignant aspect.
He is not here now, but he will be glad to hear of you, I am sure," said Dorothea, seating herself unthinkingly between the fire and the light of the tall window, and pointing to a chair opposite, with the quietude of a benignant matron.
At last Judge Blount looked across the table with benignant and fatherly pity.
"Perhaps he will amuse my good Polly," added the lady, looking with a benignant smile at a large green parrot that swung himself backwards and forwards most comfortably in his ring, inside a magnificent brass-wired cage.
'Now, there you mistake,' said Sir John, in his most benignant way.
Mr Casby shook his head, in Placid and benignant generality.
I cut and handed the sweet seed-cake - the little sisters had a bird-like fondness for picking up seeds and pecking at sugar; Miss Lavinia looked on with benignant patronage, as if our happy love were all her work; and we were perfectly contented with ourselves and one another.
I had often admired, as I have elsewhere described, his benignant manner towards his youthful wife; but the respectful tenderness he manifested in every reference to her on this occasion, and the almost reverential manner in which he put away from him the lightest doubt of her integrity, exalted him, in my eyes, beyond description.
The old man looked down upon her from his elevated stand, with a benignant smile on his wasted countenance, and then casting his eyes slowly over the whole assemblage, he answered:
Earlier, the DFA said it has already raised the deportation issue with the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has asked the ministry to treat overstaying Filipinos who need to be repatriated 'in an orderly and benignant manner, especially since children may be involved.'
Last February, the DFA appealed to the Israel to deport overstaying Filipinos in their land in an "orderly and benignant manner" since children may be involved.