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The marquis continued to draw on his gloves and to smile benignantly.
He puts the rudest remarks Sir Percival can make on his effeminate tastes and amusements quietly away from him in that manner--always calling the baronet by his Christian name, smiling at him with the calmest superiority, patting him on the shoulder, and bearing with him benignantly, as a good-humoured father bears with a wayward son.
He looked at them sweetly and benignantly, and it seemed to them that they received a message from his tremendous certitude of soul.
The standard state image of Nicolae Ceausescu, until 1986-8, the image appearing on official portraits placed in schools and state institutions of all kind, showed a 50-60 something man, his hair a little strewn with grey, in a three-quarters profile, smiling benignantly.
The molecules were synthesized benignantly and characterized efficiently by spectral data elucidated from IR, EI-MS, 1H-NMR and 13C-NMR.