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Now do you, who are children, know as much as I do who am old.' He smiled benignantly on the boys.
He looked at them sweetly and benignantly, and it seemed to them that they received a message from his tremendous certitude of soul.
The standard state image of Nicolae Ceausescu, until 1986-8, the image appearing on official portraits placed in schools and state institutions of all kind, showed a 50-60 something man, his hair a little strewn with grey, in a three-quarters profile, smiling benignantly. There was no flaw at all in this until the time that some person with a sense of humour called this type of portrait 'Ceausescu intr-o ureche' (One-eared Ceausescu).
The molecules were synthesized benignantly and characterized efficiently by spectral data elucidated from IR, EI-MS, 1H-NMR and 13C-NMR.
Such difficult historical conjunctures of past and future "[suggest] the impossibility of bringing the human into so strong a light, of placing it under so heavy a burden." Reading these words, we, too, are called into the light of a history that looms as threateningly and benignantly as Moneta only to discover that it somehow depends on us, that is, on the "we" who continue to have the privilege to read and write and teach in the wake of forces both more terrifying and more banal than any "divine cartoons." Whether we are up to the burden is a question whose answer remains as suspended as the Hyperion/Apollo doublet of Keats's interrupted epic.
It is the place to which George Bernard Shaw left one-third of his "residuary estate," calling it a "magnificent communistic instituti on." And it is the place Arnold Bennett tells aspiring women journalists to visit regularly: a "blessed fount of universal information" overseen by "benignantly omniscient" officials.