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The first sentence of Ab Urbe Condita could, of course, be interpreted just as the conventional captatio benevolentiae or words to win over the empathy of the reader to approach the work with benignitas. (21) But the author is also telling us that emulation among writers of the history of Rome was something common: one after the other, Roman historians had written their histories hoping to supersede their predecessors either in content or style.
Pio Fedele tiene palabras muy explicitas, ya clasicas, sobre esto: <<si se quiere entender de verdad que significado tiene la aequitas canonica en contraste con el significado de la aequitas romana es preciso entender bien el significado que tienen en la economia del ordenamiento canonico las palabras Charitas, benignitas, misericordia.
La obra consignada en el numero [49] como Item otro que incipit Benignitas et humanitas et de speciali ...
The Catholic Church admitted its acceptance of democracy for the first time during the Christmas radio broadcast speech called Benignitas of Pope Pius XII about "the right democracy" from 1944.
He goes on to point out that "many Fathers of the patristic period as well as later medieval theologians associated particular attributes with each of the Persons, the most common being those of power (potestas) with the Father, wisdom (sapienta, scientia) with the son, and goodness (benignitas, caritas) with the Holy Spirit." (10) In addition to the appropriated attributes, some theologians also linked the persons of the Trinity with the theological virtues of faith, hope, and love.
The tabernacle on the left of Religion contains the personification of Good ness or Benignity (Benignitas), scattering coins and carrying a cornucopia full of gifts.
Kvintas savo "Instrukcijoje" kiek atsargiau kalba apie kandidato nuosirduma (benignitas) savo rinkejams.
quoties nota benignitas Te charum domitis reddidit hostibus!
et salutis tutelam in deae manu posita; 22.2: nec me fefellit uel longi temporis prolatione cruciauit deae potentis benignitas salutaris.
Mauricio, que deberia acercarse a la mansuetudo y a la benignitas de Constantino, se aproxima --con la ley referida a los monasterios-- a la superbia de Juliano (34).
Otros mensajes similares de este Pontifice como Benignitas et Humanitas y La Elevatezza se remiten, del mismo modo, a ciertos Salmos.