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Wilbur's psychology seems dominated by a need to affirm the benignity of creation, to echo God's own word in Genesis that the world is indeed "good." See "Children of Darkness" (Collected 80-81) for an explicit example of such an echo.
We know of no scripture which records the pure benignity of the gods on a New England winter night.
The visit to the Marabar Caves illustrates the malignant side of mysticism, the Temple-Festival at the close, its benignity. Forster divides the novel into three sections which correspond to the three seasons of the Indian year: the Cold Weather, the Hot Whether, and the Rains.
Even the June 12, 1993 presidential contest we celebrate didn't consummate its benignity. It wasn't allowed to.
In addition, rim calcifications are associated with malignancy rather than benignity. Thank you again for taking the time to read our article and for your comments.
In this study, well-defined shape had a specificity of 75-80% in predicting benignity while irregular shape had a sensitivity and specificity of 100% and 67% for diagnosing malignancy respectively.
The linear echogenic hilus in cervical lymphadenopathy--A sign of benignity or malignancy?
But democracies can't bring their benignity to bear because, unlike the world's rougher customers, their thinking is mired in a mixture of Cold War constructs and postmodern fantasy--the first, favored by many on the right, belonging to another age, the second, endorsed by most on the left, to no age at all.
Other features of benignity are confinement within investing sclerosis and, if previously biopsied, association with hemorrhage and/or fibrotic biopsy tract.
The camera work was superb, drawing us close to Prospero's eyes for many of the great speeches, thus showing that curious mixture of rage and benignity which shapes this enigmatic character (a very fine Roger Allam playing at the top of his game).
The patient was reassured by the benignity of his disease, different therapeutical options have been proposed and genetic counseling was advised.
Among them, manganese dioxide (Mn[O.sub.2]) has been intensively studied as electrode material due to its outstanding capacitive properties and environmentally benignity, in addition to being cheap and largely available [7-9].