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A single case of duct ectasia with axillary lymph nodes was misdiagnosed as cancer by clinical and ultrasound methods, but histology confirmed its benignity.
The criteria for benignity included: I) normal nucleocytoplasmic ratio; II) small nucleoli; III) limited number of nucleoli; IV) smooth nuclear membrane; V) fine chromatin; VI) absence of hyperchromasia; VII) tightly adherent cells (except for LNs); VIII) clear background; and IX) absence of mitosis.
A number of studies have pointed out that perfusion parameters between malignancy and benignity are absolutely different because of their microstructure dispar ities (11, 12); however, the nature of these differences in specific lesions is still not completely understood (24-26).
The sun becomes evil (sulphurous); its glory and benignity are transformed into extraordinary heat and malignancy; but this failing of perception is on part of the perceiver whose active perception has been deadened by a withdrawal from the synthesizing and transforming processes of "becoming.
Relatively high values of PI and RI usually indicate benignity.
Though vulnerable to nature's chemistry when she succumbs to the flower, she never loses her dignity or benignity.
Other features of benignity are confinement within investing sclerosis and, if previously biopsied, association with hemorrhage and/or fibrotic biopsy tract.
His point, seemingly inarguable given the clarity of Rochau's writing, is that the term quickly lost its essential benignity and was co-opted by German intellectuals advocating something very different from Rochau's cold-eyed analysis of the facts on the ground.
Antony Sher puts on Lear's crown and gives us a petulant old man capable of switching from benignity to rage in a second.
We used four factors for such a comparison: benignity or malignancy type, tumor size, simplicity or complexity, and clinical symptoms (if present).
might have regarded [his feigned goodness] as affording very little evidence of the genuine benignity of soul" (2:116).
CT scanning is useful to determine its benignity, although imaging features are not specific for a definite differential diagnosis from other pulmonary tumors.