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His descendant, in compliance with the requirements of a nicer age, had etherealized this rude benevolence into that broad benignity of smile wherewith he shone like a noonday sun along the streets, or glowed like a household fire in the drawing-rooms of his private acquaintance.
in these latter words, by the bye, there were symptoms of a change from his sudden harshness into his previous benignity of manner.
As he draws back from the door, an all-comprehensive benignity blazes from his visage, indicating that he gathers Hepzibah, little Phoebe, and the invisible Clifford, all three, together with the whole world besides, into his immense heart, and gives them a warm bath in its flood of affection.
8,9,10 Sonographic features predictive of malignancy include masses with spiculated margins (PPV 86%), irregular shape (PPV 62%) and non-parallel orientation (PPV 69%), whereas masses with a thin echogenic capsule (NPV 95%), circumscribed margin (NPV 90%), and parallel orientation (NPV 78%) are predictive of benignity.
Later writers have revised that picture again, allowing Hinenuitepo a more holistic identity, asserting her benignity (1), and emphasising her role in creation.
A report of 70 cases with follow-up proving the benignity of the lesion.
Schutz (2004) writes that control in the contemporary progressive classroom is pastoral, rather than disciplinary, and relies on illusions of freedom and benignity.
Later teen sex comedies would also self-reflexively promote their capacity to bring together young people socially and sexually, and stress the benignity of multidirectional scopophillia.
violence and Pompilia's benignity, Caponsacchi finds a moral
Flaunting and taunting stares in the face of the serenity and benignity of nature.
The camera work was superb, drawing us close to Prospero's eyes for many of the great speeches, thus showing that curious mixture of rage and benignity which shapes this enigmatic character (a very fine Roger Allam playing at the top of his game).
let any Man impartially (k) examine himself whither he hath not a secret approbation of moral goodness, honesty, veracity, clemency, benignity, sobriety, modesty &c.