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A motley audience of poor street kids and evening strollers, mostly men, benignly welcomed the new urban element.
who said, 'I am concerned about old people who do not want to be a burden on their family and who can be easily coerced, gently coerced, benignly coerced, into attempting suicide.
Pasteur EtiAnne smiled benignly at them and continued.
AT the end of every Crimewatch, Nick Ross smiles benignly to the thousands of us he has terrified.
My happiest moment from the 2003 football year was the sight of Sir Jack beaming down benignly from his seat at the Millennium Stadium after Wolves had beaten Sheffield United to clinch promotion in the Division One play-off final.
I have sat, smiling benignly, opposite a woman, a salad fanatic, draining the semi-formed yolk from an egg to an extraordinary orchestration of sucking sounds.
The documentary, by the way, benignly explains that jihad doesn't necessarily mean ``holy war,'' that it could simply mean ``effort or striving,'' but doesn't relate how Muhammad's teachings were twisted throughout much of the Arab world into anti-American sentiment.
I am particularly fond of one image here: a man who has trussed up and gagged another man, and tied him to a chair, addresses his victim benignly.
Less benignly, its computing power can be a handy way for thieves to override auto alarm systems.
Oliver smiles benignly at everyone, large and small, but there's no sign of his family.
Here was Jane Clark smiling benignly as her husband Alan romped with a woman and her two daughters.
Not for him the option of pretending it wasn't happening, or smiling benignly and allowing his mutinous troops to indulge themselves.