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As benign envy promotes improvement motivation, benignly (vs.
They found that only benignly envious people were willing to pay more for products that they coveted.
The ghost of Geoffrey Bawa still hovers benignly over the canon of Sri Lankan modernism, and it was momentarily channelled by a Milroy Perera, who used to work with the great man.
Some affected her benignly and others were threatening or unsympathetic.
The stall tests involve pilots intentionally reducing power to both engines and then recovering normal flight speeds in order to check that should a pilot encounter a stall during a flight, the aircraft will react benignly and allow for a smooth recovery.
Although female children are rarely represented, mothers are commonly portrayed, benignly watching their young boys growing into men.
These experts, whether they realize it or not, see government as the nanny who should benignly watch over us, making sure that we take care of ourselves for the good of society.
No longer a frightening catalogue of the wages of sin, Miao's foray into human foibles is benignly solipsistic, as if the medieval "chain of being" had at last collapsed into a funny farm of technical and biological cloning.
the proceedings, (and all the animal shadows gliding benignly with great
John Dunlop is another in the 'grey and distinguished' bracket rather than a young thruster but he has never been afraid to embrace the new ways of the modern world - or at least to smile benignly on them, as he did when coming across Derek Thompson doing the full 'Tommo' act with a TV camera, a luxury Jaguar and a dozen female racegoers outside the weighing-room before the opener.
Chris said a further issue to remember is that capital is taxed a great deal more benignly than income at the moment and, for many, advancing capital as income would be attractive.
While the ad sounds benignly egalitarian, these groups are concerned with immigration, not providing sustainable sources of energy or quality health care, which would improve the relationship between population and environment.