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DOUBLE. Twofold; as, double cost; double insurance; double plea.

References in classic literature ?
Don't bother about that, father," answered Jean-Pierre, stolidly, and passed, bent double, towing a recalcitrant cow over his shoulder.
He was further alarmed when he saw the Queen bent double and clutching her stomach.
Hard repetitive work, bent double half the time, which is when our back problems began.
Suddenly, a reel was screaming and one of the rods was bent double.
People have got to take a stand, so that's what I'm doing today" He added that his cancer had seen him bent double, "crouching like an animal", adding: "That's no life.
No, I'm f***," said the soldier, still bent double with his head down.
Not long after Harper's rod bent double and after another tussle he landed a cod almost identical to Foster's.
Skipper Angus Campbell of Kilda Cruises said: "They were exhausted by the end of it - the rod was bent double.
God's novel is filled with adventure, with superstitions and rationalism, demons and hobgoblins, dead geese which shriek and man-mountain milkmen with voices 'like a lion', a noble and ancient washerwoman bent double beneath a bundle of bedlinen, and a poignant memory of motherhood in all its manifestations.
My back, legs and arms were aching so much I was bent double and I resembled Mrs Overall from Victoria Wood's Acorn Antiques comedy sketches.
65 seconds - a new British record - she bent double before lying on the track staring into the sky.