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The course, designed by Thomas Clark of Ault, Clark & Associates, has a rolling layout with four lakes plus Big Creek, white sand bunkers, Zoysia fairways and L-93 bent grass greens.
THE PERIL: Creeping bent grass from golf courses already invades many lawns and gardens; making it resistant to sprays would only make it harder to control.
The course, with Zoysia fairways and bent grass greens, plays at 7,011 yards from the "tips.
Billingham likes to say that Indian Meadows with its bent grass tees and greens, rye grass fairways and blue grass rough is a public course with private-course conditions.
For the technophiles among the readers the grass in the States is predominantly Bent grass whereas The Arden's is a mix of poa annua and Bent varieties.
Sweeping his hand out over the snowy, marshmallow landscape, he asks the visitor to envision the elevated tees, the dips and rolls of the wide bluegrass fairways, the landing pad-sized greens of bent grass and the ponds and waterfalls framed by stands of maple and oak.
The fairways are being sodded with a hybrid Bermuda mix; the greens were planted with bent grass.
No university studies have yet been completed on how much water you save by switching from grass to ground covers--but here at Sunset our new ground covers are using only 10 to 15 percent of the water that the bent grass lawns used.
Several of the area's leading courses have switched in recent seasons to the hardy, ultra-dwarf strains of Bermuda grass for their greens after watching their bent grass turn brown and die.
They also switched the grass on the greens from bent grass to Champion Bermuda grass, which means in the baking month of August the dancefloors are firm and fast.