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But Segalen also rallied against colonialist cliches of exoticism which in mass use tended to benumb rather than sharpen the sense of cultural otherness, and suggested alternatives based on cognition rather than travel.
She was in the other room sitting in front of the TV with the sound turned almost completely off, the only thing that could possibly benumb her enough for there to be silence.
3) The observation could just as well be made about the routinization of books themselves as objects of consciousness, where the grooves of recognition--and here line by line on the printed page--tend to benumb response to the physical object itself, as impressed surface as well as coded transmission.
Like a shrewd player, Finance Minister Shaukat Aziz laid his cards on the table much before the presentation of the Federal Budget on June 17, the first budget of the Musharraf government as well as of the 21st century in order to benumb the trading community in particular and people in general.