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At the same time, Djebar pays tribute to her progressive father who strongly advocated education for girls: "[We need] to send our daughters to school, all of our daughters, in these villages and in the old cities as well, where traditions benumb them" (301).
Here comes Nietzsche," says Gottfried Benn, "and with him the language that intends (and is capable of) nothing but to phosphoresce, luciferize, enrapture, benumb.
Bill Schaffer notes, "Viewers around the world found themselves cast in the role of real-time witnesses" with one Australian TV network miniaturizing the "moment of impact" "as a small animated icon permanently displayed in the corner of the screen, automatically resetting itself at the end of each momentary cycle" (6); did this repetition benumb viewers, creating a kind of atrocity boredom?
But Segalen also rallied against colonialist cliches of exoticism which in mass use tended to benumb rather than sharpen the sense of cultural otherness, and suggested alternatives based on cognition rather than travel.
On the other hand, the second mode of decision, a value-based decision under a pretense of neutrality, may benumb the democratic decision-making system by rendering the public unaware of the value-based nature of its decision due to its neutral presentation, or at least fail to stimulate it to challenge the justices' value-based decision.