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Dealers are exploiting the loophole in the law to boost their profits by using benzocaine as a bulking agent for fake ecstasy pills.
In addition to ULURU's current OraDisc products, amlexanox for the prevention and treatment of canker sores and benzocaine for oral pain, ULURU has prioritized tooth whitening, cough and cold and desensitizing teeth as the lead consumer product developments.
4 Orajel Mouth Gel (from pharmacies) To become ouch-free fast, this gel contains a powerful local anaesthetic - benzocaine - that works by blocking the pathway of pain signals along the nerves and numbing the sore area caused by the ulcer.
OTTAWA, April 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ - Health Canada is informing Canadians that it has requested companies to add new risk statements to the packaging and labelling of licensed benzocaine products.
It combines the rapid onset of benzocaine (14 percent) with the slow/extended duration of tetracaine hydrochloride (2 percent), bridging them with the intermediate action of butamben (2 percent).
Jamieson even called his pet dog Benzo - short for benzocaine, a well known chemical used to dilute the drug.
Mr Berkson said that a search of Burgess's garage in Lesley Road, Southport, revealed 47 bags of cannabis, amphetamine and half a kilo of cocaine together with mixing bowls, scales, a large press, digital scales and 5kg of benzocaine which is commonly used to cut high purity cocaine.
When marketing starts, Innovus Pharma believes EjectDelay will be the first and only benzocaine based over the counter topical treatment available particularly for this indication in Morocco.
Benzocaine, Cetacaine, Prilocaine, Lidocaine) and over 30 other therapeutic drugs prevalent in both the hospital and outpatient settings.
The High Court in Edinburgh was yesterday told that police also seized three kilos of local anaesthetic benzocaine during the raid in Cupar, Fife, on March 9.
It contains no benzocaine, hydrocortisone or antihistamines which may set up additional allergic skin reactions or produce irritating side effects in some people.
But he said the real value of the drugs lay in the fact they were 75% pure and together with 1kg of the cutting agent benzocaine found in the shed could have been diluted to make up to 800g of cocaine to be sold on the street.