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Severe methemoglobinemia from topical benzocaine 7.5% use for teething pain in a toddler.
Large quantities of benzocaine and items used in the commercial production of cocaine were later seized from a container in Park Hall, Stoke, used by Marsh.
Thus, maybe FDA's action against benzocaine does not reflect a new philosophy and I am - say it with me - just flapping my gums.
The synthetic drug benzocaine (ethyl 4-aminobenzoate) is a white crystalline material that is often used for anesthetizing fish by immersion prior to handling (Ross & Ross, 2008).
Benzocaine is the most commonly used anesthetic in Brazil (Gomes, Chipari-Gomnes, Lopes, Roubach, & Araujo-Lima, 2001).
Considering benzocaine at 150 mg [L.sup.-1] is an effective anesthetic for juvenile cobia (298 g) (Trushensky et al, 2012), the aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of benzocaine on the stress response of juvenile cobia (30 g) transported in a closed system.
On July 31 2014 Border Force officers intercepted 28.2kg of benzocaine addressed to Scott's family home.
McDowall confessed immediately during the police raid on August 7 last year that he had been dealing in the Class A drug, and he revealed his stocks of cocaine and Benzocaine, and text messages from addicts on his mobile phone.
They discovered a barrel of benzocaine - a cutting agent used with cocaine - in the boot, which Haddad claimed was tiling grout, worth about PS3,000.
But detectives toppled the scam when they caught some members of the "business" leaving the house in Hopper Street with 1kg of cocaine and benzocaine.
Sanford, FL, August 22, 2014 --( A consumer advocacy group has urged the FDA to ban all OTC teething medications that contain a topical anesthetic known as benzocaine, which causes adverse reactions in infants and toddlers.
The British Dental Association, police and drug workers have issued chilling warnings about the dangers of benzocaine, known as benzo.