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Effects of benzoic acid and thymol on serum physiochemical parameter in piglets
Benzoic acid residue in fruit slices and fruit juice was nil while its MRL is not applicable, and in fruit flavor it was 54 to 295ppm compared to MRL of 1000 ppm.
Proton NMR provides a tool to analyze the interaction of hydrogen atoms in BECy and benzoic acid.
These were ethyl propionate, ethyl dodecanoate, benzoic acid, and sorbic acid.
Dose-dependent pharmacokinetics of benzoic acid following oral administration of sodium benzoate to humans.
Chromatographic analysis of benzoic acid was carried out on HPLC Millichrom (Nauchpribor, USSR) equipped with a UV-spectrophotometer (190-360 nm).
Role of salicylic acid and benzoic acid in flowering of a photoperiod-insensitive strain of Lemna paucicostata LP6.
Benzoic acid has increased solubility in Fluronic F-68 solutions having concentrations which exceed its CMC (0.
The ingredients thought to be responsible for triggering oral Crohn's Disease are the preservative benzoic acid and cinnamonaldehyde, a flavour-enhancing agent also found in processed foods and chocolate.
A blend of atropine, hyoscyamine, methenamine, methylene blue, phenyl salicylate and benzoic acid (Urised[R]) may inhibit the growth of organisms in the urine and reduce bladder spasms that cause frequency, urgency, and nighttime trips to the bathroom.
The compounds leached in the laboratory at the highest concentrations were benzoic acid, naphthalene, methylenebisphenol, diethylphenol and 3-methylbutanoic acid.
Tenders are invited for Ointment Emollient Cream Base Containing Benzoic Acid 50 Gm Tube , Mfg:- Cipla, Gsk, Wallace, Perker Or Similar,Number Indicates Tubes,Tendered Quantity Is For 400 Tubes.