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Some berate the show for reinforcing the notion that all those on benefits are feckless, lazy scroungers.
This week,Cassie's father turns up at the Cook household to berate Howard for ``abandoning'' his daughter.
The 22-year old actress used a well-known Sir Alex Ferguson trick to berate actor Nick Pickard as they left a trendy bar in Liverpool.
"Sometimes I yell at myself, `You fool!' and I sort of berate myself for not being more successful and famous," Harry says.
WHAT on earth is going on when a Muslim extremist can berate the Home Secretary and demand to know why he's "daring" to visit a Muslim area in London?
A football yob who ran on to the pitch to berate Sunderland goalkeeper Kelvin Davis has been given a three-year banning order.
Dela Rosa also went to Angeles City, Pampanga last Wednesday to berate seven police officers accused of robbery-extortion against Korean nationals.
Yasin Hassan Omar would berate Muslim shopkeepers for selling alcohol, showed locals a picture of the devil and allegedly vowed jihad.
Afraid of being abandoned by the one healing institution in our community, we sit on our hands as our ministers berate us week after week To stop these attacks, we must take back our churches and challenge black ministers who take their marching orders from white bigots.
He then proceeded to berate me for keeping food in the freezer that had gone off.
'Granting for the sake of argument that she may have unwittingly interfered in an ongoing operation, is it justified for PDEA agents to berate and humiliate her in public?
He berates my colleagues and praises me so much it's embarrassing - even though we both know the others are better at the job.