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Some berate the show for reinforcing the notion that all those on benefits are feckless, lazy scroungers.
Afraid of being abandoned by the one healing institution in our community, we sit on our hands as our ministers berate us week after week To stop these attacks, we must take back our churches and challenge black ministers who take their marching orders from white bigots.
Her morn constantly berates her, calls her "piggy," refuses to stock the refrigerator, and fosters an environment where Carmen finds it impossible to eat without judgment.
Anybody who berates Swansea City in any way is wrong.
FURY berates One woman told the Foreign Secretary: "How dare you talk about alcohol in a Sikh temple.
An of Walker berates striking council staff telling them they are `well out of order', `totally wrong' and to `get a grip'.
Later, Jack Warner (played by this film's director, Mark Rydell) berates Dean for saying, "I'm not a homosexual.
Amid Bent's barrage of Unfathomable physical and psychological abuse, Bluteau achieves the film's most shattering moment when he berates Max for poisoning their verbal lovemaking with the violence of the oppressor.