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Sheikh Rashid also berated Sindh government for indulging in luxurious spree of `Sindh cultural festival', while citizens of Thar perish in famine equalling Somalia.
Maulana also berated a state of 'martial law' in KPK, with a virtually non-existent civil government, stating that all tribals would resolve their issues on their own.
The case against the England fan who berated the players after wandering into the team's dressing room following the Algeria match has been adjourned until Friday.
Almost every time I was introduced as a South African during my travels last week, I was berated for my country's stance on Zimbabwe, much the same way as during my travels in the 1980s when, as a South African, I was berated for the apartheid legislation of the time.
In response to the letter "NZNO berated for fee increase" (Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand, April 2007, 4), I, too, feel that part-time nurses are ripped off by NZNO fees.
His fervor, however, was dampened by an executive who berated Staffers and picked on team members when the company fell short of financial goals.
White Sox general manager Ken Williams berated Guillen in private.
In doing so, they often find that their lifestyle is berated by those religious institutions, and they are made to feel, if not unwanted, not fully accepted.
Cllr Cliff Mainey - berated by a member of the public
Another "international humanitarian," Clare Short, berated American government efforts for supposedly undercutting the United Nations.
The Christian Coalition berated former President Bill Clinton for his extramarital affair with a White House intern, but recent revelations that late U.
Noting that the Canadian government had promised to send $53 million to help combat AIDS in Africa, he berated it for its parsimoniousness, opining that Canada's contribution should be at least $300 million.