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He recently turned 40 and has been teetotal for the past few years, so the chances of seeing him berate audiences and swig Jack Daniels from the bottle while playing guitar (I saw him do just that a dozen years ago) are perhaps slim at best.
In yet another, Leary berates a boy's enthusiasm for making friends over the web because the boy doesn't appreciate how much his parents had to pay for the computer, nor does he understand that the main purpose of computers is to maximize profits.
He berates those who chose to misread Hogarth as the first functionalist or a defender of rococo.
Power companies berate them for scaring the public, and the public berates them for not being able to say for sure whether a high-current electrical wire running across the backyard might induce leukemia.
Hurling upwards of 75 multiple-choice questions in three pressure-filled rounds, the "Inquizitor" challenges and berates the players, banishing the lowest scoring contestant each round with his notorious command, "Please leave now.
An of Walker berates striking council staff telling them they are `well out of order', `totally wrong' and to `get a grip'.
And that would make him no better than the legislators he regularly berates for pandering to special interests.
Amid Bent's barrage of Unfathomable physical and psychological abuse, Bluteau achieves the film's most shattering moment when he berates Max for poisoning their verbal lovemaking with the violence of the oppressor.