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Neither does simply presenting us with a juvenile man-child who freely drops F-bombs to elementary-age kids and berates them for their religious beliefs and then just letting it go at that.
That the movie's best character is an elderly theater exhibitor's wife, who repeatedly and hilariously berates her husband for speaking on camera, tells you something about the film's intellectual aspirations.
AFTER A BOOZY sexual encounter gone wrong with longtime confidante Graham (Willie Garson), fellow teacher Michelle (Sharon Lawrence) berates him with, ``You're clearly the only man who wants me, and that's not something I admire.
A member of the school board berates her insistence on academic, as well as athletic, excellence, barking, ``Nothing is cut-and-dried when it comes to a team this close to a championship.
When, after a fracas at a kosher deli, Danny is forced into a sensitivity-training course to listen to Holocaust survivors tell their stories, he berates them for not fighting their oppressors.
He berates his younger brother for doing homework and says he can learn for himself what is and isn't dangerous - his response to a possible accident would be, he suggests, ``Now that I only have one arm, I realize not to do that again.
His father-in-law, Don Minetti (Frank Vincent), berates him, and his wife (Mary McCormack) excoriates his incompetence.