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Here in Christian England was a young woman in a state of bereavement, with so little idea of where to look for true comfort, that she actually expected to find it among her mother's friends
He was driven to envy such a respectable bereavement, and one so perfectly free from any taint of misfortune that even his best friend or his best enemy would not have felt the slightest thrill of exultation.
I never in my life was more affected by the contemplation of happiness, under circumstances of privation and bereavement, than in my visits to these establishments.
From the mournful ruin of such bereavement, there had slowly risen up this gentle, tender, guileless, grateful-hearted being.
Although she was now in her forty-fourth year; although she had been tried, in bygone times, by the premature loss of more than one of her children, and by long attacks of illness which had followed those bereavements of former years -- she still preserved the fair proportion and subtle delicacy of feature, once associated with the all-adorning brightness and freshness of beauty, which had left her never to return.
Biddy, wise with previous bitter bereavements, had sat down on the edge of the sand, her fore-feet in the water, and was mouthing her woe.
They little know, who coldly talk of the poor man's bereavements, as a happy release from pain to the departed, and a merciful relief from expense to the survivor--they little know, I say, what the agony of those bereavements is.
Mary added that when William was killed there was no child bereavement charity but she was lucky to have supportive friends and family.
The charity raises funds to improve bereavement support for parents after losing a child suddenly and traumatically.
Following their deaths just five days apart, she set up 2 Wish Upon A Star whose goal is to improve bereavement services at hospitals throughout the country.
The leading child bereavement charity Winston's Wish aims to support children who have suffered a significant bereavement, to help them make sense of the death, to rebuild their lives and to develop resilience for their future.
PRINCE William paid a moving tribute to his mother last night at a fundraising dinner for a bereavement charity she supported before her tragic death aged 36.