bereft of life

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It was a threadbare, well-worn house that he thus examined, as if the inmates had grazed down all luxuriance and plenty to the verge of decency; and in the night, bereft of life, bare places and ancient blemishes were unpleasantly visible.
For already a great lion lay between them and two boars, one on either side, bereft of life, and their dark blood was dripping down upon the ground; they lay dead with necks outstretched beneath the grim lions.
The project's patron is George Monbiot, the controversial environmentalist, who said: "Wales Wild Land Foundation is a visionary organisation, which refuses to accept that the natural world needs to remain devastated and almost bereft of life.
Crass, obvious and bereft of life, the dialogue had more a whiff of carrion than Carry On.
Stoke's muscular brand of tiki-taka was one last chance for Rangers but like Monty Python's parrot, their chances of staying up are now deceased, bereft of life, pushing up daisies.
His boss came out and muttered and tutted, declaring that the boiler had expired, was deceased, demised and totally bereft of life.
This Scoop6 is an ex-superbet, a bet bereft of life, a bet that has ceased to be, although the PR team behind it may yet draw attention to its lovely plumage and advise us that it is in fact merely resting, having tired itself out with a long squawk.
Except, perhaps, sufficiently detailed characterization to enable the reader to differentiate among the characters, rather than merely to feel vague compassion or pity for them en masse (those bereft of life through lack of opportunities, unemployment, drugs, or other futile escapes).
Ghost has passed on, it has ceased to be, it is bereft of life, it has joined the choir invisible - or it soon will, with top seats costing pounds 65.
Derek Simpson, joint general secretary of Unite, said Labour was as bereft of life as the deceased Monty Python parrot.
Obviously we were dealing with a bird bereft of life, but the tricky bit was establishing it was a parrot.