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BEACH. The sea shore. (q. v.)

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It is 10 feet deep and surrounded by berms that are 14 feet high.
Dirt berms are found in the villages of Kuba, Shrekhan, Sada, Bawiz, and Khazana, which are inhabited by Shiite Arabs, Kurds, Shabaks, Yazidis, Christians, and Turkmen.
Our parking lot was filling up from the storm sewer system prior to it filling up from the river coming over the berm," Chizek says.
Enemy activity at this location has decreased significantly since the berm is no longer there for insurgents to hide behind.
Second, some berms are really loose soil, often not topsoil.
In certain instances, where the property constraints necessitate a berm with a bottom width greater than 30 ft, it may be necessary for the designer to place notes on the plan depicting the acceptable type of equipment, such as rubber-tired vehicles, and/or construction methods that can be used.
Before constructing the berm and pond, I dug a trench the entire length of the impoundment along its deepest contour.
SpillGuard Bridge allows hoses, pipes or cables to enter or exit the perimeter of SpillGuat'd containment berms without flattening berm side walls.
Charlie jumped out of the way onto a snow berm, a long, high mound of snow piled alongside the road by passing snowplows.
HARRISBURG - Authorities said Sunday no charges will be filed after a high-powered racing truck went out of control, climbed an 8-foot protective berm and injured three spectators during a race at a monster truck rally over Labor Day weekend - an accident the driver of the truck blames on mechanical failure.