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BEACH. The sea shore. (q. v.)

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The berm home is built in a concrete shell that is sheathed in rubber to keep moisture out.
Wrens build a taller berm of sticks between the entrance hole and their nest cup when using a box with a large entrance hole.
Dirt berms are found in the villages of Kuba, Shrekhan, Sada, Bawiz, and Khazana, which are inhabited by Shiite Arabs, Kurds, Shabaks, Yazidis, Christians, and Turkmen.
By the time the Javelins were fired almost all other members of Fox Company were up on the berm, pumping bullets into the target but still that was not enough.
Before constructing the berm and pond, I dug a trench the entire length of the impoundment along its deepest contour.
He took three giant strides, and reached the top of the berm.
Information to-date indicates that the areas around the earthen berm running from northeast to southwest (constructed by the Royal Moroccan Army during the conflict) are the most seriously affected.
The AWT methods allow for materials that facilities are paid to take to be used to construct the very berm that provides additional airspace.
HARRISBURG - Authorities said Sunday no charges will be filed after a high-powered racing truck went out of control, climbed an 8-foot protective berm and injured three spectators during a race at a monster truck rally over Labor Day weekend - an accident the driver of the truck blames on mechanical failure.
The officers, who were not immediately identified, had stopped on a small berm of sand to observe a swimmer whom they thought was in distress.
It's only a low hill of earth, but a berm can turn a flat, boring lot into a more dynamic three-dimensional landscape.
Army engineers were responsible for demolishing the former Iraqi billets and administrative buildings, then constructing a protective berm surrounded by a triple-standard concertina wire fence.