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De bug, - I'm berry sartain dat Massa Will bin bit somewhere bout de head by dat goole-bug.
Mos feerd for to ventur pon dis limb berry far - tis dead limb putty much all de way.
Him rotten, massa, sure nuff," replied the negro in a few moments, "but not so berry rotten as mought be.
Why dis berry curous sarcumstance, pon my word - dare's a great big nail in de skull, what fastens ob it on to de tree.
The irrigation myth, known as the grape berry or wine-dilution theory, is the belief that late-season irrigation increases berry size and dilutes berry sugars and other quality-related components of the grapes.
CHECK PLANT GENDER FOR BERRY SUCCESS Although holly berries are often ripe by autumn, birds such as song thrushes, blackbirds, fieldfares and redwings don't usually feed on them until late winter.
Annie Applefield's The Beetle and the Berry is one of the books my resident critics Osage County First grade, enjoys as a paper book to hold and take home for at home reading.
Berry was an original intellectual figure who contributed to multiple currents of thought in historical and contemporary cultural studies of religion.
The new label design includes a photograph of Mary Berry to draw a greater association between the Great British Bake Off star and cookery writer and Mary Berry's high quality range of foods.
has completed its purchase of Berry Petroleum Company.
The Berry Farm, which is a new area in Pokemon X and Y allows you to grow berries and even replace Berry patches from other Pokemon games.
Other recent assessments of Berry take more focused approaches: Kimberly K.