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at's also what Cirque Berserk try to do with their dangerous stunts.
Combining contemporary "cirque" skills with thrilling stunts Cirque Berserk is a danger-filled spectacle that, despite its 90 minutes, left us wanting more.
And you certainly get plenty of those moments at Cirque Berserk.
The Residential Art Conference for Berserk 2014 took place at ECC, Whitefield from 24th-27th August, 2014.
Here we all were, thousands of feet in the air and this guy was going berserk, threatening to bombpeople'shomes, throwacid in theireyesandburntheir children.
PUPILS at a Midland school are being tested for HIV after a teenager went berserk with a syringe.
Three days later--after running afoul of a berserk robot, engaging in hand-to-hand combat with Nagi's pet tiger, and being forced to model a pretty sailor dress-the Yakuza are starting to look like a pretty good deal.
Sponsor Senator Chris Buttars said, "Whenever anyone challenges the evolution people, they go berserk.
The aptly named Berserk is owned by a 21-year-old Norwegian, who, having sailed it alone from Norway to Argentina, is determined to follow in the footsteps of, Ernest Shackleton, his favourite explorer, across Antarctica.
Kate and Alec decide to marry, but his ex-wife Cheryl goes berserk warning the newcomer that her life will be miserable and that she blames the breakup of her marriage on her; the fact that Kate and Alec did not know each other is irrelevant to the obsessed crazed ex.
As fluent with their bodies as with language, they sing, sort papers, go berserk, and snap to attention when buzzers go off, signaling the need to receive of send messages.
Five-thousand skaters invaded a town of 1,100 people and went berserk.