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Josh Powell burst onto the fantasy novel scene in 2015 with his debut novel, The Berserker and the Pedant.
Gaza has been suffocating long since before this year, well before Israel's berserker assault on the tiny strip of land in December 2008 and January 2009 -- this latest iteration of an Israeli chokehold on Gaza began when Hamas won parliamentary elections in 2006 and was tightened when it routed the forces of Fatah to seize control of Gaza in June 2007.
00) provides a Saberhagen retrospective perfect for any fan of his overall works, whether it be his Berserker series of chaos and destruction, his 'Swords and Lost Swords' fantasy adventures, or his Dracula series.
A regular on Liverpool's theatre scene, her credits include Berserker Boys, Bon Voyage, Virgin Express, Night Collar, The Alehouse, Twopence To Cross The Mersey, Her Benny, The Entertainer, and A Midsummer Night's Dream.
The Devouring explores depths rarely reached by YA fantasy, and the nightmares in Henry's head--including berserker clowns, children rotting from the inside out, and graphic medical experimentation--far surpass the Goose-bumps series standard of chills.
Eomer takes on aspects of the berserker, laughing at despair and in the face of death and fighting beyond normal human limitations.
Sitting there before him with a towel round her waist but her breasts bare there, he could feel the berserker force rising in him, in his genitals, compelling, demanding, urgent.
From the battle of Stamford Bridge, where Harald Hardrada tried to seize the English throne, to the funeral pyre of a Viking berserker, Sky is transported back in time to relive these events himself.
Ohnesorge recalls, "I know that by the time I was 11 or 12, whenever Wolverine was shirtless--or naked, because he went crazy and tore off all his clothes in a berserker rage--I remember those panels very well.
Even so, they haven't bragged about their globe-building for fear of reawakening the other half of the American psyche, our berserker nativism.
But the games also reintegrate, or re-harness, Achilles into the society of warrior commanders, bringing him back from his extended alienation and bloody berserker rage (Books 19-22) and preparing him to grasp, in his meeting with Priam in Book 24, the full pathos of the human condition.
In fact the machine was a remotely operated demolition robot, a controlled berserker, for use in physically precarious situations.