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(9) While the term 'berserker' has its origins in Old Norse literature, it has now become a term used by those who write about the Vietnam war, and more generally to describe uncontrolled, raging warriors.
Josh Powell burst onto the fantasy novel scene in 2015 with his debut novel, The Berserker and the Pedant.
Dungeon Rampage features a range of six playable warriors, including the hammer-wielding Berserker, the Battle Chef and the katana-slashing Ghost Samurai.
"We're disappointed that the state supreme court has taken away what the university believed was its statutory and constitutional authority to provide for the safety of our students, faculty, staff and visitors," said Ken McConnellogue, spokesman for the university--implying, as usual, that everyone is safer when law-abiding citizens and even off-duty peace officers are stripped of the right to defend themselves and others against an armed berserker.
I refer to Eliade's description of a type of tranced, shamanic warrior called the berserker. These are Germanic warriors who, in the Nordic Ynglinga saga, undergo a process which turns them into 'dreaded warriors whose initiatory ordeals cause them in war to act like beasts of prey'.
THE KILLING OF 8 PEOPLE BY A BOMB in Oslo, placed by the Norwegian berserker Anders Behring Breivik, followed by his gunning down of a further 69 on the island of Utoya, is a horrible reminder of the potential for evil inherent in human nature.
Her drawings are densely worked, with shallow spaces full of sinuous forms pushed close to the picture plane, like berserker Daumiers, and the comic fury of Goya is still her guiding principle.
Let's go break something.'" His director also recognised that taping into the Australian stereotype was the key to getting Chris to reveal his inner berserker.
Some of the characters in <<Dragon Age: Origins>> are Alistair, a new Grey Warden, Leliana, a Chantry sister, Morrigan, a Witch of the Wilds, Oghren, a dwarven Berserker, Sten, a qunary warrior, Wynne: a senior enchanter from the Circle, Zevran: an Antivan assassin and the dog: a mabari war hound.
Gaza has been suffocating long since before this year, well before Israel's berserker assault on the tiny strip of land in December 2008 and January 2009 -- this latest iteration of an Israeli chokehold on Gaza began when Hamas won parliamentary elections in 2006 and was tightened when it routed the forces of Fatah to seize control of Gaza in June 2007.
Fred Saberhagen's OF BERSERKERS, SWORDS & VAMPIRES (1439132690, $23.00) provides a Saberhagen retrospective perfect for any fan of his overall works, whether it be his Berserker series of chaos and destruction, his 'Swords and Lost Swords' fantasy adventures, or his Dracula series.
A regular on Liverpool's theatre scene, her credits include Berserker Boys, Bon Voyage, Virgin Express, Night Collar, The Alehouse, Twopence To Cross The Mersey, Her Benny, The Entertainer, and A Midsummer Night's Dream.