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And there, looking beseechingly up at them, is Martha the Baboon.
Kissing the donkey, who was in pain as soon as she had fallen down with him, and beseechingly she says: 'Wow, it's fat and big as a roof-beam Wait
In the ten exhibited canvases (of varying sizes, from modest to beseechingly grand), Feige renders nearly photorealistic oil-and-alkyd landscapes; his approach is documentary but also personal, the locations--New York, Colorado, and California--holding "biographical significance" for him, according to the press materials.
When they spot a passer-by with a banana, they crowd to the front of the cages and poke their hands beseechingly through the bars.
But Jane looked beseechingly at Greg, as only Jane can, and said, "Aren't you going to come and watch?
Crowned with laurels, France turns her grieving face beseechingly up towards a solemn Egyptian sphinx--a symbol that evokes memories of a more glorious episode in France's history.
It showed a kneeling African in chains, lifting his hands beseechingly, encircled by the words: "Am I Not a Man and a Brother?
all delivered pleadingly and beseechingly rather than inquisitively.
I had a feeling that even had God appeared beseechingly before them in the sky, with palms outstretched to persuade them back, they would not have had it within them the power to turn from their irresistible course.
In reference to the prelude to act 2, Grieg wrote that "different characters are portrayed--the Andante Ingrid who toward the end complains beseechingly, even threateningly, and in the Allegro furioso Peer Gynt, who tells her to go to hell" (Letters, 381-82).
Instead, Hoddle turned beseechingly to the assembled press corp in La Manga and demanded we accept the evidence of our own eyes: Gascoigne was finished at the highest level.