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11) He has converted the passive supplicant of his predecessors into a forceful advocate for the city of Palermo, kneeling just left of centre and gazing beseechingly at the Madonna and Trinity while she gestures toward the main lazaretto, harbour and Monte Pellegrino.
com has some rather arresting visuals: an Adidas soccer boot drips with blood, little joeys and their mothers are caught in the spotlight and look beseechingly up at their presumed killers.
reached up beseechingly as the Figure of his dreams
The raw emotion of the performance was established through the mournful violin-based musical accompaniment and the anguished look on Jemek's face as he turned to the heavens beseechingly, not to mention the addition of a Marcel Marceau-esque teardrop on Jemek's made-up face.
Sealed into that crushing objecthood, I turned beseechingly to others .
Lonely trees, standing empty and b a re , Hold out their branches, beseechingly, For a share of the silver bounty, Concealing unsightly places e v e r y w h e re.
The choir sings beseechingly, as if for help, and majestically.
She was left to brave yesterday's bash alone, gamely clapping the winners, tucking into her solo lunch and smiling beseechingly at any friendly soul who looked her way.
Although certain moments suggest drama, such as when the Waltz Girl reaches up almost beseechingly to her partner and the Dark Angel hovers over them both, or the closing tableau when two parallel lines of women bourree in place and lift their arms in unison as though prompting the Waltz Girl's slow, arched ascent, it is up to the viewers to create their own interpretation.
And there, looking beseechingly up at them, is Martha the Baboon.
And so, in an unretractable moment Sol beseechingly, "prayed to the god I knew wasn't there to blast us all dead on the spot (279).
Kissing the donkey, who was in pain as soon as she had fallen down with him, and beseechingly she says: 'Wow, it's fat and big as a roof-beam Wait