beset with difficulties

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On the other hand, this, as destroying the element of surprise, would have made his strategy of no avail, so that the whole question is beset with difficulties.
We seem so beset with difficulties on every side, that though it would make us miserable for a time, we should be happier perhaps in the end.
There is first to note that, whereas in other principalities the ambition of the nobles and the insolence of the people only have to be contended with, the Roman emperors had a third difficulty in having to put up with the cruelty and avarice of their soldiers, a matter so beset with difficulties that it was the ruin of many; for it was a hard thing to give satisfaction both to soldiers and people; because the people loved peace, and for this reason they loved the unaspiring prince, whilst the soldiers loved the warlike prince who was bold, cruel, and rapacious, which qualities they were quite willing he should exercise upon the people, so that they could get double pay and give vent to their own greed and cruelty.
The new system's introduction was beset with difficulties, including missed collections and pullouts, thousands of bins not being in place for the start of the scheme or being tagged for contamination, and new biodegradable food bags being unavailable.
Joy is when we may be beset with difficulties but we know that we are not alone.
A 21-gun salute rang out across the capital, Abuja, after he took the oath of office before the chief justice of Nigeria to begin a four-year term beset with difficulties from the outset.
Her 21 years have been beset with difficulties and the pool has frequently been drained for repair and maintenance.
But the PS150,000 bid to convert the toilets on the promenade has been beset with difficulties - ranging from environmental concerns to increasingly complex building issues.
The run-up to the concert was beset with difficulties, including a planned ticket ballot based on charitable contributions - later scrapped - and uncertainty over the line-up.
The process has also been beset with difficulties because it is tied in with a second Greek bailout, agreed at the same summit.
A life beset with difficulties, lived with courage and dignity.
The South Pacific was a region beset with difficulties that predated the global economic turmoil, and the issues surrounding the present situation and the future of Fiji comprise a significant clutch of challenges for the region.