beside the point

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This may well be true but events have since rendered it completely beside the point.
Whether they find the live tiger they fell in love with in stuffed form at the American Museum of Natural History is beside the point.
All these new politicians want is to make a name for themselves,'' Riordan said, calling the measure's financial backing beside the point.
Beinart acknowledges this distinction, but fails to recognize that it blows his case, and that it makes the opening anecdote--the analytical foundation--of his book puzzlingly beside the point.
With this in mind Robert Indiana's LOVE, 1966, is beside the point, and to include Verner Panton's environment Phantasy Landscape Visiona II, 1970, is to confuse psychedelic style with psychedelic politics; Panton's environment is groovy, but completely sanitized, and was never part of any collective project.
The songs all sound the same - even new ones - but that's beside the point.
In the latter case, as in much of the book, the skyscraper as a work of architecture is beside the point.
The immediate response to this argument must be that it is beside the point.
But the outcome of this debate is beside the point, as is President Bush's argument, long promoted by conservative think tanks such as the Cato Institute, that black Americans are shortchanged by Social Security because of our shorter life expectancy as compared to whites.
Whether Phil sees his shadow is beside the point, however.
In the end it is beside the point to parse the motives of Winerip's anti-NCLB mania.