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Second, there must be a forceful military intervention on behalf of the besieger by an outside power.
At the tender age of 17, she became the first British pianist to perform Rachmaninov's infamously difficult Third Piano Concerto, but her most celebrated association was with Medtner, who called her 'the bravest and ablest besieger of my musical fortresses'.
Similarly with a fortification wall there would be no point in using mud brick which a besieger could dig through.
Here, in the no man's land between besieger and besieged, these hapless victims were to live and die during three winter months.
The siege continued for six months but the fort held till May 1806 - when, due to scarcity of water and provisions, the besiegers left.
Brian Sandberg argues that, perhaps drawing on the 'allegories of the siege of the caste of love, a medieval theme that was incorporated into many early modern artworks', early modern 'besiegers used sexual metaphors of rape to discuss their intended besieged victims, and massive physical and sexual assault could be unleashed by victorious besiegers when besieged cities were actually taken by assault'.
It was also plain that there would be fury in the Security Council when the besiegers administered the coup de grace.
On October 18, 1644, the Scottish besiegers made ready to storm the walls of Newcastle still resolutely if pointlessly held for King Charles by the mayor John Marley.
This symmetric representation is carried out in "Some bomb shelters shelter people, some shelter bombs" (Figure 2) as well as in numerous other infographics, where the radically disproportionate power differential and spatial disparity between a besieged population confined to an enclave and its besiegers is depicted as if the two camps were equal and enjoyed the same military and spatial capabilities.
This Imperial financing of the siege led to the replacement of Bishop Franz in the command of the besiegers by a unified command under Wirich von Daun and a war council, responsible to the powers making the main financial contribution to the siege.
This was probably the camp of the besiegers, as it was a fine situation for that purpose; and the Patsha pitches his tent on this hill when he goes the yearly circuits to receive his tribute.