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The bad attitude of the Electricity Company's directorate of targeting Beirutis by taking them hostage to blackout won't succeed in the face of their besiegers or invaders," Qabbani concluded.
As pearl diving became an important business and trade flourished, further defensive structures were added, including crenellated walls and towers with "murder holes" where stones or combustive material could be dropped on besiegers.
In this account, Kate drove her wagon through the camp of the besiegers and was welcomed by the soldiers inside the fort.
For example, in the third book of the Iliad Helen from the walls of Troy looks in vain among the besiegers for her brothers, and Homer tells us that the life-giving earth now held them down in their homeland.
Hawks like Pericles became increasingly unpopular as a result, but amazingly, after losing as many citizens to the plague as they were likely to have lost in a protracted war, the Athenians kept up the fight, trying to take Epidaurus, attacking Troezen, Halieis, and Hermione, and reinforcing the besiegers at Potidaea (who had also caught the plague) (2.
28) At the time of the Fourth Crusade the residents of Constantinople destroyed a lifelike bronze statue of Athena, whose hand seemed to beckon the Latin besiegers into their city.
past batteries of besiegers, and that man has won a battle against
There was, of course, damage during sieges and in their aftermath, but in many cases the erection of new earthen fortifications about towns and cities, such as London, led to the clearance of houses, and, at Gloucester, people's homes in the suburbs were destroyed by the defenders so that the besiegers could not make use of them during an attack.
European besiegers gained an advantage from these weapons due to the brittle structural characteristics of medieval Western fortifications.
There he reminded his besiegers of the beneficial policies he had undertaken, namely, the increase in their stipends, the suspension of some taxes, and the provisions he had made for the poor and infirm.