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Not surprisingly, then, the legal professionals were committed to protecting the face, especially in criminal law, but also in other areas: the besmearing of faces with earth or ashes (in tashhir processions, or as tayammum) was viewed critically.
In one of the last letters he sent from home, Byron (with a prophetic sense of the dangers ahead) wrote appreciatively to Nathan: "with a full reliance on their efficacy, the Motsas[sic] shall be to me a charm against the destroying Angel wherever I may sojourn; his serene highness, however will, I hope, be polite enough to keep at a desirable distance from my person, without the necessity of besmearing my doorposts or upper lintels with the blood of any animal.
The mixture of bad smell and excrement and the notion of fouling or besmearing seem to indicate that ME fist and fisten probably, like cakken, could carry the additional implication of involuntary or loose defecation.