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Binay says his enemies planned to besmirch his image and reputation by subjecting him to a trial by publicity through the senate proceedings conducted to hear cases against him.
"We should not let that single incident besmirch the incredible work the Royal Marines have done, not only over decades but over centuries," he said.
Stuart traces this lineage all the way up to Adolph Hitler, the first veg to really besmirch the faith.
A department spokesman said, "We don't want our police officers doing things that could besmirch the reputation of our organization." In a letter to the department.
Under Turkey's new laws it is a crime to besmirch the national identity of the country.
Well, most words that sound dirty are in fact dirty (such as besmirch, grungy and unsanitary)
While the 43g-foot Royal Clipper doesn't solve the problem of material inequity that plagues the planet, it does provide a sailing experience that does not foul the seas or besmirch the skies.
Again, McCullough does not appear to be trying to besmirch the Founders' reputations, but to paint a backdrop against which Adams stands in stark contrast.
Once again, the IDF denied the allegation, saying it was just one more effort in the ongoing campaign to besmirch Israel's image, and that it had no basis in truth.
She was an outstanding Speaker and to besmirch her good name and integrity is something that those involved should be ashamed of.
McCurry also explains why Clinton thinks people will remember his accomplishments instead of his scandals: "He is confident because he has done nothing to besmirch his office in a major way." Ponder those last four words: the Clinton codicil to every ethical standard, including each of the Ten Commandments.