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I was surprised she admitted such a deed, which besmirched the honour she had been accorded.
Their drunken violence besmirched the names of the national team and of individual clubs.
But that, sadly, has not stopped those cyber g He is hat, er e on an he Most use sick rats, who have besmirched his name the internet for no reason other than was a high-profile Celtic supporter.
The otherwise excellent programme was besmirched by McCririck's interventions.
CDATA[ Senior reserve officers signed a petition supporting struggle against the organizations supported by New Israel Fund that besmirched IDF.
This time the construction work besmirched the village of Newent in Gloucestershire where, in just 48 hours, a 50-strong gang converted the corner of a meadow they had purchased into standings for 12 caravans complete with water, electricity and sewage system.
30 years ago Aberystwyth banned the film and has been besmirched by this miserable showing.
THE WORLD Bank has launched an initiative on assisting developing countries recover money stripped from their exchequers by corrupt politicians, while its own reputation has been besmirched by the Paul Wolfowitz girlfriend scandal.
Ensz mounted a defense that besmirched the Founders and Constitution as well.
Before it even started, the World Cup was besmirched by reports of a match-fixing scandal among Italy's soccer teams.
Yet Meyer, unwilling to see his prominent disciple besmirched, quashed her document.