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Amazingly, the bill was inspired by Camp Quest (CQ), the Council for Secular Humanism-affiliated summer camp operated by the Free inquiry Group of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Four years ago, CQ organizers rented camp facilities from Bullittsburg Baptist Assembly, which requested the new legislation so it would never have to face such besmirchment again.
Closely related to the issue of whether individuals have a protectible constitutional interest relative to the government's publication of embarrassing or sensitive facts, even if otherwise publicly available, is the question of whether there exists a liberty interest in avoiding governmental stigmatization or besmirchment of personal reputation.
We can hardly, then, be too surprised that the reviewers tend to repeat the detestation that they claim at the same time to abhor: encountering Sanctuary as vomit, they hate the novel and expel it from their purview; forced to visualize their expectorative investment in it, they judge it negatively in a secondary repulsion and encourage us to do so as well in order to be saved from the madness that comes from a vomitory besmirchment of vision.