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Interestingly, in the writing of the music, Delius seemed to agree with the playwright and producer, creating a score that, according to the Gazette's music critic, was "unsullied by the coarse daubs of pseudo-Oriental local colour with which ninety-nine composers out of a hundred would have known no better than to bespatter them" (Redwood 91).
They will also love the colourful cover by Michelle Brackenborough and the similar little hearts, flowers, stars, paper darts and envelopes which appear above each new chapter and also bespatter the foot of each page.
Ramsay found so outrageous in "The Window": "To pursue truth with such astonishing lack of consideration for other people's feelings, to rend the thin veils of civilization so wantonly, so brutally, was to her so horrible an outrage of human decency that, without replying, dazed and blinded, she bent her head as if to let the pelt of jagged hail, the drench of dirty water, bespatter her unrebuked" ("To the Lighthouse" 32).