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It stained the pillows, it bespattered the walls and it had flowed in a sluggish stream from the bed to the floor [making] a horrible pool.
To enter, owners submitted photos of their bespattered dogs along with a short quote or description.
The wheels of my war chariot,/ which brings low the wicked and the evil,/ were bespattered with blood and filth.
42) These non-conforming whites also suffered by having their tires slashed, their windows at home shattered, and their porches bespattered with paint.
62) When use in the home was banned, the wife should be congratulated because she could now manage domestic affairs serenely since she was "no longer vexed by filthy spittoons, bespattered andirons, and offensive blemishes on the carpet and floors.
Recently, emerging from my long winter seclusion, I observed a convertible sports car, with the top down, so bespattered with bumper stickers that I couldn't tell whether the driver had taken it through campaign headquarters or a pigsty.
Ironically, he wishes for the treatment initially threatened as a punishment: "His whole person was so bespattered with like filthy missiles, that he had almost a mind to ride back, and supplicate for the threatened ablution at the town pump; for, though not meant in kindness, it would now have been a deed of charity" (IX: 116).
Real hatred, real violence coming from all sides, lavishly bespattered on the bookshelves.
DOWN: 1 Abating, 2 Stiletto, 3 Stan, 4 Hogmanay, 5 Etna, 6 Beryl, 8 Bespattered, 13 Treating, 14 Navigate, 15 Intrude, 18 Brims, 20 Toga, 21 Wait.
shook off that ragged train, he was much bespattered, and in worse
He says that Eve has bespattered him, and he articulates badly as if some soft and liquid substance is pouring out of his mouth.
The word 'nrz,' for example, suggests dispersion or spots, and may stand for the starry sky, a leopard, a flock of birds, smallpox, something bespattered, the act of scattering, or the flight that follows defeat in warfare.