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Her white nun's habit is bespattered with unseemly splotches of blood, like misshapen cells randomly replicated across her body.
Equally, the blood liberally bespattered on this monochrome set looks more like water, depriving the acts of violence of some of their horror.
This was followed by a display of international culinary delights with which the pavements were bespattered, all the way from the Playhouse to Central Station.
According to Shaw's own description, Bluntschli "is a man of about 35, in a deplorable plight, bespattered with mud and blood and snow, his belt and the strap of his revolver-case keeping together the torn ruins of the blue tunic of a Servian artillery officer".
When a droshky came tearing into one of the alleys it bespattered them and me from head to toe with mud.
And the helpless "bystander," attacked and bespattered with refuse by the crowd, declares his own sad dignity, mundane correlative of an ordinary wish for peace, "Embittered object of our anxious/ and unworthy fears, the scapegoat/ in a getup like a grackle/ that a cat drags in.
It will feature YOUR stories of the brave soldiers of Birmingham who fought in the trenches, the families they left behind and the key role the city played in the war effort from 1914-18 BY the spring of 1915, the hoardings in Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and other great cities were plentifully bespattered with Lord Kitchener's posters calling for skilled workers to register for employment in munitions factories.
While Anthony Caro remains a dominant model, other affinities surfaced: to Jeff Koons's gleaming bunnies, to Jackson Pollock's bespattered canvases, and even to Umberto Boccioni, whose Unique Forms of Continuity in Space, 1913, is recast in construction dross as Big Frank.
MILLIONS were said to have been spent recently to provide a dramatic front to the listed Playhouse building, but apart from being bespattered with an overflow of Church Street traders, the vast expense seems never to have been usefully employed.
As the seasoned literary historian Bela Pomogats points out in his prefatory remarks, a writer like Gyorgyey, who surveys the Hungarian literary and theater scene from Orange, Connecticut, can afford to ignore the antagonisms of "special interest groups" within the culture, as well as the "political mud-wrestling that in our small and restless homeland leaves everyone bespattered with mud.
Grant, Mark Twain--I think I'll go to sleep and suddenly in my deepest inadequancy nightmares wake up haunted and see everyone in the world as unconsolable orphans yelling and screaming on every side to make arrangements for making a living yet all bespattered and gloomed-up in the nightsoil of poor body and soul all present and accounted for as some sneakish, crafty gift, and all so lonered.