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Moore fuels this suspicion with evocative imagery, particularly her use of the color red: from the red-head with the red nails at the Red Turtle, we move through the "red-flocked" wallpaper outside Frannie's apartment (62), take notice of skin chafed red from sex (7), and the "red plastic bucket" so out of place in Malloy's precinct station, sitting atop the desk shared by Malloy and Rodriguez (107), until we eventually arrive at the "red lighthouse" where Frannie is sliced open (173), and we realize with a jolt what we already feared: that the reds bespattering the narrative at every turn are, in fact, harbingers of Frannie's spilled blood.
The most spectacular example is Anthony Beavis, who, with his horror of responsibility, steadfastly refuses to requite the love of his mistress Helen Ledwidge; after he has had sex with Helen on the roof of his Mediterranean villa, a dog from a passing plane crash lands next to them, bespattering both with its blood, setting in motion a train of events that will culminate in Beavis' mystical conversion.
We've endured the embarrassment of explicit sexual references bespattering our broadcasting.