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His shade was cool: the world was besprinkled with amrta, happy and looking for shelter.
Colonel Keyes, however, after half an hour's oratory richly besprinkled with threats and language which we surmised was unfit for any lady's ears, managed to loosen the limpet-like attachment of our friends, and we pushed them out to join the throng on the ground [.
his light attire plentifully besprinkled with ink, his spectacled face peeping out under an enormous, mushroom-shaped pith helmet, Kipling was a quaint-looking object'.
And yonder still stretches that silent Main, With many glancing ships besprinkled o'er: And earnest still I gaze and gaze again Upon the selfsame waves and friendly shore.
besprinkled with the scarlet horror" (675) serve to remind us specifically of Macbeth's morbidly recurrent mention of blood (as many as nine times in the Banquet Scene alone) before and after his confrontation with the ghost.
In black velvet besprinkled with sequins and carrying roses, she graced a reception in a Society drawing-room which was itself resplendent in Otago blue and yellow irises and nasturtiums; Lady Allen (C.