best behavior

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"They represent the local stupidity better," said Will, laughing, and shaking his curls; "and they are kept on their best behavior in the neighborhood.
Not even a lawyer could sit in Miss Pink's presence, and hear Miss Pink's conversation, without feeling himself called upon (in the nursery phrase) to "be on his best behavior".
Summary: The U.K.'s House of Commons speaker Wednesday appealed to British MPs to be on their best behavior, as a visiting Lebanese parliamentary delegation was watching.
Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana reminded skippers from other countries to be on their best behavior on international waters to avoid conflict, citing last week's near collision between the Navy vessels of Russia and the United States.
During Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding in May 2018, Prince George and Princess Charlotte's nanny ensured that her charges were on their best behavior, even resorting to bribing them with sweets.
"Amy's Guide to Best Behavior in Japan: Do It Right and Be Polite!" is a thoroughly 'user friendly' guide for businessmen and vacationers to the common courtesy, acceptable behaviors, and expected manners that are essential for any visitor to Japan.
Washington, Mar 28 ( ANI ): Lindsay Lohan has reportedly "been on her best behavior" during the three-day shoot of Charlie Sheen's 'Anger Management' show.
But the "rest of the story" is Mason "Hondo" Reese (son of Special Editions editor Sammy Reese and retired cop), had been on his best behavior and was awarded with a stint at the trigger of a "real" machinegun.
Other lab evidence suggests that the cleaners are on their best behavior when there's an audience of potential clients, Bshary and Alexandra S.
Several hundred students, all warned to be on their best behavior for the pastor, were ushered into the pews by the many sisters and one lay teacher who staffed the school.
Best Behavior: A Celebration of Good Manners for Our African American Children by Debra A.
I would say the best behavior is to be curious about what matters to other people.