best behavior

See: decorum
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They represent the local stupidity better," said Will, laughing, and shaking his curls; "and they are kept on their best behavior in the neighborhood.
I feel more comfortable in a public courtroom which will help everyone stay civil and be on their best behavior," Johnston said in a statement.
But the "rest of the story" is Mason "Hondo" Reese (son of Special Editions editor Sammy Reese and retired cop), had been on his best behavior and was awarded with a stint at the trigger of a "real" machinegun.
Other lab evidence suggests that the cleaners are on their best behavior when there's an audience of potential clients, Bshary and Alexandra S.
Several hundred students, all warned to be on their best behavior for the pastor, were ushered into the pews by the many sisters and one lay teacher who staffed the school.
I would say the best behavior is to be curious about what matters to other people.
The campus community is on its best behavior, and no one wants to bring up the real issues facing the campus, the system, and the community.
Saturday night we were told by Think TM Matt McGinley to be on our best behavior, 'cause the bosses Greg Carroll and Bruce Rodella (who were footing my bill) were flying in to support their team.
The signs "Juden unerwuenscht" (Jews Not Welcome) were quietly hauled down from the shops, hotels, beer gardens, and places of public entertainment, the persecution of the Jews and of the two Christian churches temporarily halted, and the country put on its best behavior.
In the first few hours of camp, young people generally show their best behavior.