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A new children's book by the author of "Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy," "The Best Part of The Day" is a beautiful children's book of remembrances, things to savor in every day and every season.
The new restaurant is sparsely decorated with bamboo, wood and rattan and the best part about it is the space--you enter and feel immediately relieved at the vast expanse of the restaurant and the uncluttered and simple decor is really appealing.
Summary: The Jacksons have arrived in the UK on their first tour for the best part of three decades.
The best part was not coming to in the girl's frilly bed:
Speaking to Esquire magazine, she said: "Getting older is the best part of life.
Gill Green, 49, company director from Whitley Bay, said: "I went to Wimbledon and that was the best part of the summer for me.
Aishwarya: The best part was the wall climbing, I was really excited when I reached the top and it was cool to watch the adults do the wall climbing.
Hard to say what the best part was--I totally enjoy the entire meeting from the classes I attended, the vendors at Marketplace, the social events were excellent, I love the IOH auction and I enjoy the dynamics of the HOD.
Reading "The Best Part of Me" [Real Life, D/J '10] was very sad and scary, but it was an interesting story.
The best part of Commerce Arkansas isn't the opportunity to hear experts in the field share their experiences and offer advice or even the networking opportunities.
3]most <It rained for the best part of their vacation.
Chairman of the parish council, Clr Lin Holroyd, said: "It's the best part of being on the parish council - being able to lend a welcome hand to all the very numerous voluntary groups, who work so hard all the time and provide such good service and help to all sections of their communities.

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