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Jean-Philippe Stassen's graphic novel, Deogratias, offers a narrative that blurs the barrier between human and animal by giving an account of a life bestialized under certain assertions of power.
As Cullingford observes, "Colonial discourse had long bestialized the Irish as pigs.
Yet Georgina has not become desexualized or bestialized in this process, as her conversation with the Cook after the death of her Lover makes clear: when she asks Richard to describe what he saw her and Michael doing, in order to make it seem real again to her, he describes their actions in terms of the reciprocity that characterizes what we recognize as a healthy sexual relationship.
Carmen was not the first role to show her as a bestialized and subjugated woman, (7) but it was largely responsible for trapping Dandridge within the "sex goddess" image, and through her association with Carmen she was continuously reinscribed by the media as an aesthetically pleasing object of male desire.
14) In a genuine slave narrative, this disclosure of Samuel's fraudulence would be accompanied with moralizing, the author's lament about how the degradations of unequal treatment had bestialized the man so that he could no longer comprehend the damage his imposture did to his race.
Heroically and humbly defying Legree's attempts to subvert his Christianity, Tom endures a martyr's death under the whips of Legree's bestialized slaves.
Iraq's interior ministry, whose top officials, strike forces and police commando units (including the so-called Wolf Brigade) are controlled by paramilitary units from Shiite militias, maintained a medieval torture chamber; that inside that facility, hundreds of mostly Sunni Arab men were bestialized, with electric drills skewering their bones, with their skins flayed off, and more; that roving units of death-squad commandos are killing countless other Sunni Arab men in order to terrorize the Iraqi opposition.