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Negotiating (among themselves) a compromise between bestializing and natural law discourses, the Puritans of the Plymouth Plantation and Massachusetts Bay Colony, from the early 1620s until 1629, explicitly interpreted all indigenous lands except those on which villages were erected or agricultural fields tilled as territorium resnullius.
Later, Williams would describe the Mohawks as "mad dogs," and testifying to the extent and influence of such bestializing enframing, but also to its almost inevitable interruption and inconsistency, he notes that "the generall speech is, all must be rooted out, etc.
The elder prisoner's didactic mission is to impart to Procter how black men's habitual criminality and white men's persistent "rescuing" of them is part of a systemic bestializing that denies them agency and selfhood--a vicious cycle of sociopathic black behavior that not only is self-denigrating, but also self-aggrandizing for whites, whose own collective identity is concretized in designating black men as feral and other.
In southern Lebanon in May, after all the years of bestializing every Islamic enemy as a "mindless terrorist," Israelis found the bearded, armed members of the Party of God on their frontier.
It creates what I call a "bestializing discourse" which views African-Americans as closer to beasts than animals.