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The work in the Lager is bestially hard and utterly futile, but at least when one works one doesn't have time to think (48).
The reimaging of the stallion that kills him as white rather than black functions as an accommodating, hypertrophied symbol of the racist social system, displaced bestially.
Who made it to be like that, a bestial part of the body able to understand bestially and desire bestially?
If I strike a dull patch of country, or a bestially industrialised area, neither the loutish inhabitants nor the kings of commerce will see me for dust.
NEW DELHI GANG RAPE: Even after one month, when a 23-year-old paramedical student was bestially gangraped in a moving bus and then dumped on the road in New Delhi, the justice to the girl remained undelivered.
The Twin Farms at Kenton Bank Foot, Newcastle, also builds on this bestially beery background.
Forster and no one else has Leonard die (and thus become "horribly" impersonal [260]); he and no one else renders Jacky "so bestially stupid" that she has no personality to express (177).