bestow upon

References in classic literature ?
17-19) Hail, Mother of the gods, wife of starry Heaven; freely bestow upon me for this my song substance that cheers the heart
Who was ashamed of his riches and of the rich, and fled to the poorest to bestow upon them his abundance and his heart?
In his most difficult hour, may God bestow upon him all the fortune that he bestowed upon the people of this country and treat him with the care that a man of his stature deserves," he added.
Here ate just a couple of the companies from whom you can purchase fabulous presents to bestow upon your family members, friends, and work associates, both now and year-round:
The TAPPI Gunnar Nicholson Gold Medal is the highest honor that the Association can bestow upon an individual.
Send Me Tulips is an impressive, memorable, welcome celebration that can bestow upon the reader a true sense of peace and healing when working through issues of grief.
I am a proud "card-carrying" member, and only wish I had George Soros' fortune to bestow upon AU.
The researchers are now investigating what survival advantage the curved shape might bestow upon C.
As the story proceeded, she became more successful, immersing herself in the role thoroughly; she appeared as a wonderful, tragic icon in the impressive last act, culminating with the moving, dramatic duet in which she desperately tries to resist her desire to bestow upon Palemon the fatal kiss.
Vermont-The State of Vermont's Supreme Court ordered the state legislature to do what Canada's Liberal federal government is now doing voluntarily; namely to bestow upon active homosexuals-who affirm that they live together and commit sodomy together- all of the legal prerogatives, rights, and social benefits that belong only to husband and wife in marriage.
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will induct her on March 15, and the queen of England will bestow upon her the Order of the British Empire, a ranking that was announced December 31.
It could be, and very often is, the greatest gift that a coach can bestow upon an athlete.