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Dunlap told the Telegram & Gazette last week that while many AAS members have been honored with a National Humanities Medal, the bestowal of such an honor upon the institution itself was unexpected.
at the heart of Pentecost lie four elements: Jesus' gift of peace, his commissioning of the disciples, his bestowal of the Spirit, and his granting the disciples the power to forgive sins.
On declining it, Thacker is said to have pressed the case for its bestowal on Browne.
Comparing the equity rush to Silicon Valley's bestowal of multibillion-dollar valuations on technology outfits that had neither revenue nor profits, David Santschi, CEO of TrimTabs, said investors were piling into equity funds at the fastest rate since the technology stock bubble popped in 2000.
The Villagers, Farriers and Duke Special are among performers at an event marking the 400th anniversary of the bestowal of a royal charter on the area.
The bestowal of a name is nothing less than an incarnation; the Divine Energy unites with the human energy, making the icon into a "Divine-human" reality.
The procedures that guided Japanese contacts into a designated open port in Kyongsang Province also governed the bestowal of reception.
Although Justice should not be subject to whims of Fortuna, "the bestowal of Fortune's blindfold on Justitia and of Justitia's scales on Fortuna bespeak a horrific suspicion: under that blindfold, Justitia and Fortuna were the same goddess" (115).
The position of Joaquin Almunia, the European commissioner for competitive issues, who has until now been the authority that issues orders for the restructuring of banks in Spain and is pursuing similar action in Greece, is being evaluated for the bestowal of the additional power to shut down weak banks.
Also essential to the Brotherhood's successful grab for power has been the inept policies of the Obama administration, as evidenced by its hasty bestowal of legitimacy on the Brotherhood's victory in the election, which by any standard was marginal at best and perhaps also declared prematurely.
More anarchic was the bestowal of Hall status to Black Flag, whose anti-authoritarian, non-conformist message in the late 1970s and early 1980s deeply resonated and inspired skateboarders.
Delivering on citizen demands will determine who maintains power in the emerging new order, because incumbency is now more directly linked to the bestowal of populist legitimacy, as expressed mainly in elections.