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You already know about the forthcoming bestowal of the NLN President's Award on Dr.
Dunlap told the Telegram & Gazette last week that while many AAS members have been honored with a National Humanities Medal, the bestowal of such an honor upon the institution itself was unexpected.
We soon learn that her whole life, the full meaning of her existence, may be bound up with this bestowal upon strangers.
at the heart of Pentecost lie four elements: Jesus' gift of peace, his commissioning of the disciples, his bestowal of the Spirit, and his granting the disciples the power to forgive sins.
What is needed for such a transformation is a shift in the culture itself from one that asserts the right of all to do what is right in their own eyes to one that recognizes authority as a matter of divine bestowal, not as a matter of simply telling us "who's boss," but to allow us to receive the gifts of a relationship with our therapist and with our God with appropriately located gratitude.
This is what makes the Award such a prestigious reward: its bestowal isn't mandatory.
The Villagers, Farriers and Duke Special are among performers at an event marking the 400th anniversary of the bestowal of a royal charter on the area.
Almost a dozen Birmingham parks have been recognised for their quality with the bestowal of green flag community awards.
The viewer is confronted with the beauty of the nobility of Mary's response to the bestowal of the gift of Life, placed into her arms by an Angel of the Lord.
The bestowal of a name is nothing less than an incarnation; the Divine Energy unites with the human energy, making the icon into a "Divine-human" reality.
The procedures that guided Japanese contacts into a designated open port in Kyongsang Province also governed the bestowal of reception.
The bestowal of ambassadorial gifts played an important role in the reception of foreigners at the Russian court, part of its carefully codified and highly theatrical demonstration of power (as William Morris wrote: 'Hamlet .