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He urges them to open with the 'keys' of faculties placed in their primordial nature the secrets of the Divine names, of consciously witnessing the tasbihat and the takbirat of the living beings to their Creator, as they transit in and out of existence respectively, and of observing their worship of the Bestower of life and joining them.
for I inspired the bestower of the name to call her Primavera .
Cyclically, land dies and is revived by means of rain from the heavens, and in time it dies again and is again revived; in this is an allusion to resurrection and a portrayal of the power of God as the Giver of Life and the Bestower of Death (Allah al-Muhyi al-Mumit).
The appreciation of the Higgs discovery gets a bit trickier insofar as this bestower of mass is seldom mentioned in popular culture without referring to it by its nickname, "the God Particle?
3:30, 9:117, and 57:9); generosity (The Bestower, al-wahhab, Q.
Popular culture propagates a notion that has roots in the motherhood figure in Judaism being the bestower of identity- religion, nationality.
Being the holiest of all Muslim shrines in India and considered as the Bestower of Boons, Ajmer Sharif attracts pilgrims from all parts of the country and abroad.
There is a watchman, the prohibitive guardian who warns against proceeding, the ogre or demon (at once dangerous and bestower of magical powers).
The role of the court as a bestower of general principles and as an overseer of locally driven experiments gives the process a more democratic--not to mention pragmatic--flavour than the usual form of judicial intervention in rights disputes.
In this case, the heir and her bestower would return to the White House, having traded roles eight years hence.