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(31) Vasudha Narayanan, "Sri/Giver of Fortune, Bestower of
Holy Spirit, gift bestower breathe into our hearts today.
for I inspired the bestower of the name to call her Primavera ...
The Ambassador visited the first and second terraces of the garden, named Farah Baksh (Bestower of Pleasure) and Faiz Baksh (Bestower of Goodness) respectively, and was particularly taken with the fountains and marble pavilions.
3:30, 9:117, and 57:9); generosity (The Bestower, al-wahhab, Q.
Since, the festival is being celebrated in every nook and corner of India and abroad, it is known by many different names like Vish Tarak - the destroyer of venom, Punya Pradayak - the bestower of boons, and Pap Nashak - the destroyer of sins.
Popular culture propagates a notion that has roots in the motherhood figure in Judaism being the bestower of identity- religion, nationality.
In the Mesopotamian Epic of Creation, the absolute ruler, Marduk, slays the bull man (kusarikku, or "bison") so that he may become "the bestower of ploughland who fixes [its] boundaries, creator of grain and linseed, producer of vegetation" (Tablet VII).
[W]e believe that the Bill fails because it does not acknowledge Almighty God as the Source and Bestower of human rights.
"One of the names of God given in the Qu'ran is 'Al Musawwir', which means 'Bestower of beautiful forms'.
Being the holiest of all Muslim shrines in India and considered as the Bestower of Boons, Ajmer Sharif attracts pilgrims from all parts of the country and abroad.
There is a watchman, the prohibitive guardian who warns against proceeding, the ogre or demon (at once dangerous and bestower of magical powers).