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London itself was slowly moulding the biggest gold medal of all for its own bestowment.
The most outstanding accomplishment was the bestowment of the prestigious life-time achievement award, the Prix Marcus-Banque Nationale, on Denis Rouleau as the Francophone artist "dont la carriere a contribue de facon majeure au developpement du theatre francophone au Canada" (Centre national 30).
Now the linguistic analysis of the texts of Eriugena has created a suggestion that the negativistic finesse, which he had presumably acquired, at least partly, through Pseudo-Dionysius, has still changed its character under Eriugenian deployment and is not exploited clearly for speaking about the God who remains unknowable to us, but also for accentuating the act of existential bestowment inscribed in the doctrine of creatio ex nihilo about which Pseudo-Dionysius had in fact remained silent (see Allard 1982).
members, based on the expectation that the bestowment of status on the
One would find it difficult to reconcile the purpose of God's creation of the earth with complete dominion of the earth (which often goes with sense of irresponsibility in handling the environment) in such state of disorderliness Furthermore, the word "dominion over nature" does not imply that man could use his God-given authority over nature to degrade and destroy it rather it presupposes that bestowment of responsibility towards maintenance of the environment.
Its most important achievement, perhaps, was the verdict it received following a Supreme Court petition concerning the criteria for bestowment of the status of "national priority area," which involves benefits in the area of education.
But there is a sliver of light suggesting the slight bestowment of freedom.
S5's innovative combination of price, size and power surpasses all capabilities in competing technologies, as evidenced by the recent bestowment of a grant from the Department of Homeland Security to track container and cargo shipments.