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And when you have taken possession, and by right of teeth and in the merit of strength and in the strength of love you have brought a chosen female to your own cave, and when in a little while she has rejoiced you with cubs and is exhausted by childbearing and her young have sucked her dry and she lies speechless with her eyes suffused with compassion, and you are poor and possess only the hide over your bones, and the winter is ferocious and the frosts grow ever sharper at nights and the sky is bestrewn with stars like poppy seed that cannot be eaten, and the moon gushes milk that cannot nourish the young--how shall we then remember the precepts of wolves and abide by our ancient legacies and proud beliefs?
I am sure that he will also love what is bestrewn in death.
While many of the public areas were bestrewn with litter left by patients and visitors, the gynaecology ward, where I was a patient, was impeccably clean.
Four grassy mounds are there beside the creek, Bestrewn with sprays and leaves from the old trees Which moan the ancient dirges that have caught The heed of dying ages, and for long The traveller passing then in safety there Would call the place--The Creek of the Four Graves.
On the other hand, insofar as his entire production is bestrewn with stereotyped, degrading, and patriarchal remarks about woman, a positive reading of his views appears highly problematic for feminism" (2).
Nor would it presumably surprise an 'uncanny' anomalist to discover that Simon Schama's dialectic-ally constructed Dead Certainties/Unwarranted Speculations (New York: Knopf, 1991) is bestrewn with artifacts that look like evidence ('exhibit A, for the prosecution, your honour'), but are not specifically invoked as such in the text (fig.
It was bestrewn with bones and hair, flooded with streams of blood, and littered on every side with many thousands of bodies - blood-befouled, headless bodies of elephants, horses, and warriors - and bunches of heads without any bodies.