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But even before she took her swim in the lake, we hear that her skin color surpasses the color of the olives in this country which is so bestrewn with olive blossoms and olives, they may claim their own dominion as one of the Divinities of Italy's floral Empyrean.
And coming from a garden, Tom: bestrewn with flowers by children's hands: thy little sister Ruth, as light of foot and heart as in old days, sits down beside thee.
As we have already noted, that path is bestrewn with multiple, fragmentary, and pathetic images of weeping fathers, and so the picture of a fundamental ambivalence emerges more clearly.
It was bestrewn with bones and hair, flooded with streams of blood, and littered on every side with many thousands of bodies - blood-befouled, headless bodies of elephants, horses, and warriors - and bunches of heads without any bodies.
The two are bestrewn with Gothic details created to harmonize with nearby Trinity Church.
Nor would it presumably surprise an 'uncanny' anomalist to discover that Simon Schama's dialectic-ally constructed Dead Certainties/Unwarranted Speculations (New York: Knopf, 1991) is bestrewn with artifacts that look like evidence ('exhibit A, for the prosecution, your honour'), but are not specifically invoked as such in the text (fig.
On the other hand, insofar as his entire production is bestrewn with stereotyped, degrading, and patriarchal remarks about woman, a positive reading of his views appears highly problematic for feminism" (2).
You will find it bestrewn with no less than six warning labels.