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EEG studies: The electrical activity of the brain of the normal mock operated restrained rats was predominantly rapid with varying voltages (50-200 [micro]V) but no high voltage spike could be seen in these animals, either spontaneously or when provoked by flickering light and the frequency of alpha and beta waves were normal.
Developed by Interchannel-Holon Inc, both Brain Boost: Beta Wave and Brain Boost: Gamma Wave are scheduled to ship in November for a suggested retail price of $19.
Mega Brain Boost includes Brain Boost Beta Wave, Brain Boost Gamma Wave plus a bonus third game.
Shipped four new titles for the Nintendo DS including Brain Boost: Beta Wave, Brain Boost: Gamma Wave, F-24 Stealth Fighter and Monster Bomber.
Brain Boost: Beta Wave stimulates parts of the right brain that are often associated with active concentration and busy thinking.