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Neurofeedback training can be used to decrease intrusive thoughts while increasing desired beta wave activity in the prefrontal lobe region.
According to the frequency range, the EEG waves are categorized into five major EEG rhythms such as delta waves (0-4 Hz), theta waves (4-8 Hz), alpha waves (8-13 Hz), beta waves (13-30 Hz), and gamma waves (30-50 Hz).
The study indicated interval differences regarding exacerbation, times, EEG monitoring duration, basic frequency, presence of slow-waves and beta waves, spike discharges, and severity of EEG arrhythmia between patients with and without EBBs, but this study indicated no significance ( P > 0.
For instance, the presence of beta waves correlates with excitement, focus and stress.
Beta waves (13-21 cps) are associated with thinking and focusing, or sustaining attention, whereas high beta waves (20-32 cps) are indicative of hyperactivity and anxiety.
But it is fine when trying to detect the activity, called beta waves, that indicates attention.