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Pardon me, my Lord," replied I; "but to my eye the appearance is as of an Irregular Figure whose inside is laid open to the view; in other words, methinks I see no Solid, but a Plane such as we infer in Flatland; only of an Irregularity which betokens some monstrous criminal, so that the very sight of it is painful to my eyes.
When there is dust rising in a high column, it is the sign of chariots advancing; when the dust is low, but spread over a wide area, it betokens the approach of infantry.
I dared not look at her, but I felt her eye was upon me, and from one hasty, furtive glance, I thought her cheek was slightly flushed, and that her fingers, as she played with her watch-chain, were agitated with that restless, trembling motion which betokens high excitement.
Besides, I dreamt, the night before I saw you, that I stumbled over a stool without hurting myself; which plainly showed me something good was towards me: and last night I dreamt again, that I rode behind you on a milk-white mare, which is a very excellent dream, and betokens much good fortune, which I am resolved to pursue unless you have the cruelty to deny me.
The whole nation of the Thuringians became suddenly inflamed with a desire for war; and among many preparations which seemed to betoken danger, the standards of war were raised according to custom, and the trumpets poured forth sounds of evil omen; while the predatory bands collected in troops, plundering and burning villages, and throwing everything that came in their way into alarm by their fearful devastations.
It would betoken a willingness that I should do it.
These remarks betoken the complexity of the relationship between sex and selfhood as it bears on debates surrounding sex work.
IF The wind is howling in from the steppes one moment, there is a torrential downpour the next and then the sun comes out to betoken the pleasures of summer to come it can only be the Rowley Mile in april.
But do the enduring troubles in the largest Arab state betoken looming collapse or the inevitable churn of liberty being birthed?
These elements betoken drudgery or, in the case of uranium, destruction.
One would presume that Eagleton's solution to the current banking disaster would involve the socialization and bureaucratization of the banking system through an organization identical to the Federal Reserve, which means that Eagleton's vision of the socialist future would betoken more of the same money mischief that libertarian thinkers in the United States have battled since the days of Jefferson.
Here and throughout the book, Fejes wrongly interprets backlash to betoken a reversal of popular sentiment.