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Samuel Weller, decorated with Bob Sawyer's hat, was seated in the centre thereof, discussing a twin sandwich, with an animated countenance, the expression of which betokened his entire and perfect approval of the whole arrangement.
The straggling cottages by the road- side, the dingy hue of every object visible, the murky atmosphere, the paths of cinders and brick-dust, the deep-red glow of furnace fires in the distance, the volumes of dense smoke issuing heavily forth from high toppling chimneys, blackening and obscuring everything around; the glare of distant lights, the ponderous wagons which toiled along the road, laden with clashing rods of iron, or piled with heavy goods--all betokened their rapid approach to the great working town of Birmingham.
Besides these, and the little mare, the General, her slave and worshipper, had made her many very handsome presents, in the shape of cashmere shawls bought at the auction of a bankrupt French general's lady, and numerous tributes from the jewellers' shops, all of which betokened her admirer's taste and wealth.
Besides, I dreamt, the night before I saw you, that I stumbled over a stool without hurting myself; which plainly showed me something good was towards me: and last night I dreamt again, that I rode behind you on a milk-white mare, which is a very excellent dream, and betokens much good fortune, which I am resolved to pursue unless you have the cruelty to deny me."
He is writing a history of The Princesses of France Who Never Married." This was said by Bellegarde with extreme gravity, looking straight at Newman, and with an eye that betokened no mental reservation; or that, at least, almost betokened none.
'The place,' repeated she, in a tone which betokened more displeasure or disappointment than surprise.
I dared not look at her, but I felt her eye was upon me, and from one hasty, furtive glance, I thought her cheek was slightly flushed, and that her fingers, as she played with her watch-chain, were agitated with that restless, trembling motion which betokens high excitement.
The name of him upon whom the spirit of prophecy thus descended was John Willet, a burly, large-headed man with a fat face, which betokened profound obstinacy and slowness of apprehension, combined with a very strong reliance upon his own merits.
The child's own nature had something wrong in it which continually betokened that she had been born amiss -- the effluence of her mother's lawless passion -- and often impelled Hester to ask, in bitterness of heart, whether it were for ill or good that the poor little creature had been born at all.
A culture of exclusion soon returned and 'those who betoken difference of any kind have been targeted relentlessly.' For all that, there are also the 'citizens who are no longer willing to surrender questions of social justice to the "experts'" and who are 'refusing to allow the state to make decisions for them on virtually every issue of importance.' This is an impressive legacy of revolution.
It is riddled with dense and sparse zones that betoken planets in the making.
What does it betoken, this silence?" He explains his opinion that such a silence means absolutely nothing, for "this is silence, pure and simple." However, Cromwell presents another case in which he, hypothetically, might draw a dagger and stab Sir Thomas More in front of the judge and jury and attendant peasantry, gentility, and nobility.