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And it betokens a new militancy in unions made up primarily of young relatively precarious workers who have some experience in social struggles and who tend to be highly educated.
Chapter 7, on the thought of suicide in Montaigne, Shakespeare, and Donne, criticizes the notion that the defense of self-killing betokens the emergence of an autonomous self from the soul; instead, while depending on the example of Stoic suicide as proof of the citizen's freedom, as last refuge from tyranny, Renaissance suicide exposes motives beyond the political, and opens to question a "subjectivity of limits" (274).
There is much more to this than replacing one date with another; it betokens a new attitude to evidence and the willingness of a professional scribe from within the native tradition to accept the standards of Counter-Reformation historiography.
From this perspective, difference is not an obstacle but a quasi-sacrament that betokens hidden unity.
Some insiders, however, say it's not clear that Tobin's departure necessarily betokens a harder line.
However, they fall dangerously short of the absolutely new thing, the utterly shocking and surprising and even terrifying novelty, that the resurrection of Jesus betokens in Marks telling of the tale.
Honour" betokens a higher power at work and suggests that shame, not power, is the issue.
Gertrude Morel may well be presented less sympathetically than her precursor, Bertha--Paul's intimacy with her notoriously creates major obstacles in the way of his emotional development--but that does not mean that her treatment betokens misogyny; indeed, for much of the novel she is accorded what Lawrence in his Study of Thomas Hardy called "the vivid pang of sympathy.
His ingenuity betokens a joy glowing underneath the dark, curmudgeonly persona.
In whatever kingdom this was (by now, the blink of one kohl-lined, almond eye), what did people think was the lifespan of the stunt man who betokens man?
Although firmly embedded in Gotham's suburbs, the pic's quirky blend of striking violence and unembarrassed sentimentality betokens strong influence from French co-producer Luc Besson, whose Europa Corp.
We aren't told whether this betokens the last spasm of a greedy materialistic "me" generation, or heralds a permanent relapse into chaos.