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The Prince's smile was sweet, but those who knew him best wondered what evil it might betoken for his ancient enemy.
And at first it's possible to believe that all this down-home schlock betokens the existence of something even more characteristically American: political pluralism.
It is not clear whether Pasquier's arrangement came about at the behest of Rail Link's owner, or indeed whether it betokens anything significant and lasting.
Their obsession with religious and racial and sexual tolerance, often almost to the exclusion of any other concern, betokens a sectarian anxiety that can only be assuaged by constant assurances, to themselves and others, that they hold the correct views on these subjects, and that, therefore, decency itself must consist of holding such views.
His triumphant progress to the final had been a joy to watch, a fantastic upward curve that betokens a golden future.
The design we incorporated very well proved to have less co-efficiency of drag and hence the flow over it had a Reynolds number that betokens that the flow around its surface is still identically equal.
brush foretells a disappointment, but if someone else volunteers to pick the item up, it betokens a surprise.
Third, the explicit alignment of Levinas's ethics with key texts of classical liberalism betokens a high degree of intellectual honesty.
The country routinely gets top marks for its banking system, stock exchange, corporate governance and the level of protection it affords investors, all of which betokens a strong and sophisticated private sector.
betokens an inexhaustible wealth in the nature which can invent, learn, or employ such arts'" (41).
your transcription betokens a regrettable convergence of
Chapter 7, on the thought of suicide in Montaigne, Shakespeare, and Donne, criticizes the notion that the defense of self-killing betokens the emergence of an autonomous self from the soul; instead, while depending on the example of Stoic suicide as proof of the citizen's freedom, as last refuge from tyranny, Renaissance suicide exposes motives beyond the political, and opens to question a "subjectivity of limits" (274).