betray the secret

See: betray, inform
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Recalling, for the purpose of my letter, all that Miserrimus Dexter had said to me, my memory dwelt with special interest on the strange outbreak of feeling which had led him to betray the secret of his infatuation for Eustace's first wife.
If he is strong, he will, when he hears of what has happened to us, boast of our acquaintance; if he is weak, he will be afraid on account of his connection with us: if he is strong, he will betray the secret by his boldness; if he is weak, he will allow it to be forced from him.
Know, lady, that this rival is in my power, and that it rests but with me to betray the secret of his being within the castle to Front-de-B uf, whose jealousy will be more fatal than mine.''
I deem it not likely that he will betray the secret. He will doubtless seek other means of satiating his dark passion.
She refused the marriage at first; she said Fulbert would betray the secret to save her, and besides, she did not wish to drag down a lover who was so gifted, so honored by the world, and who had such a splendid career before him.
Did not this mute tryst betray the secret of her innocent soul?
PAUL Burrell has refused to betray the secrets of Princess Diana, despite pounds 1million offers.