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The truth is simple - the SNP and the First Minister has betrayed Paisley.
The complainants also accused Morales of culpably violating the Constitution and betrayed public trust for 'failing to act promptly on complaints' against those implicated for the death of the SAF-44.
They have abused your sincerity and good faith and betrayed your hopes for peaceful coexistence.
So, yes, Bournville Lane residents have been betrayed, but by the Labour-controlled city council cost cutting decisions, supported by Steve McCabe.
Tripoli and Koura did not betray the late Hasan, but knows well who actually betrayed him, and who bears responsibility for his bloodshed
PSNI barrister Mark Robinson said by failing to pass on information Owen Corrigan had betrayed his Garda oath, his colleagues, and chief superintendent Harry Breen and superintendent Bob Buchanan.
In Betrayed, Lil finds herself torn between her loyalties and her fears.
As Mr Goodwin, and others like him, sit back and relax with their millions, they must surely feel that deep down they have betrayed their own souls.
One nation's people were betrayed almost 6 decades ago, and another nation's people are now at risk as 99% of the American people are betrayed by 1% of the US population who want to become obscenely rich.
For the first, he discusses infidelity of the beloved human, sorrow of the betrayed divine lover, and anguish of the betrayed divine lover.
But what I would like to ask is this: is this marriage going to end amicably, or is it going to be like Cheryl Cole, you will be screaming that 'I've been betrayed, betrayed, betrayed'.
They have not only betrayed their own voters, they have betrayed the people of this country and their own morals - if they ever had any.