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Chief Minister Nitish Kumar chose to refer to his predecessor, Jitan Ram Manjhi, as Vibhishan, a mythical character in the Ramayana, accusing him of being a great betrayer.
However, when the team are ambushed and everyone but Ethan is killed, he must prove his innocence and discover the real betrayer before the US government kill him.
government decision-making in relation to the Vietnam War, as a champion of truth and not a betrayer of his country.
Mona (Janel Parrish) has been behind bars since the beginning of season 3, but it's been made evident that she isn't working by herself and according to previews that ABC Family has been showing fans will get to see the "ultimate betrayer," Mona's accomplice.
Prospero seeks revenge on his betrayer, his brother, Antonio and his comrades, including the King of Naples, by commanding Ariel to conjure a storm.
For sure, Obama has been a massive disappointment in a way that Tony Blair never was for me because I knew all along that he was a betrayer.
of Auckland, New Zealand) challenges the conventional ideas about Isabeau of Bavaria (1371-1435), the wife of mad King Charles VI of France, that describe her as respected and revered during her lifetime but after her death as incompetent, an adultress, and a betrayer of the throne.
Firstly, the man is very false and a betrayer of his convictions and his party.
There is Mandelstam's devoted wife, Nadezhda, and sympathetic fellow poets Anna Akhmatova and Boris Pasternak, a betrayer of a mistress, a literal strongman (a weight lifter picked up during one of Stalin's roundups of innocents), and the actual Russian strongman's bodyguard (a tough guy named Nikolai Vlasik).
ONE of the most difficult things to endure is betrayal, which is made even more difficult to stomach when the betrayer has been someone you have valued as a close friend.
By so doing, Judas will become not the great betrayer, but God's instrument in bringing about the redemption of humanity.