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While addressing a rally in Muzaffarpur on July 25, the Prime Minister had accused Nitish Kumar of being a serial betrayer, saying he had not only ditched an old ally like the BJP, but also many leaders close to him such as George Fernandes and Jitan Ram Manjhi.
Trachtenberg gives as good as she gets, though, in her merciless cross examination of Caiaphas the Elder (Jim Doulgas), accusing him and his Jewish brethren of being the real betrayers of Jesus.
An underachieving reporter who turns into a star by becoming a killer and a betrayer of his profession without raising the suspicion of colleagues or police may make for delicious irony but hardly for a challenging engagement by the serious reader of crime novels.
Youn gave another unforgettable performance as Simon's supporter and then betrayer Paolo.
Al-Noba new betrayer ,nowdays it is a good opportunity in this business ,Qatar there,the smallest country and rich country ,it is betrayer with Israil and USA ,the big military base of America in Qatar ,they call for Democracy for Arab countries and they do not know anything about democracy ,the prince reached to the power by a coup against his father with cooperation with CIA.
BETRAYER provides fans of Cherryh's 'Foreigner' universe with a new novel telling of the conclusion of a civil war among the alien Artevi and the ongoing presence of rebels who want to shake the newly formed peace.
SURELY Nick Clegg will go down in history as the greatest betrayer since Judas.
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The Lost Gospel of Judas Iscariot: A New Look at Betrayer and Betrayed.
Me standing in the tradition of Keir Hardie, him standing in the tradition of Ramsay MacDonald, the betrayer of everything Labour stands for.
or try to send a copy of this to them, because if you do i will know, and might be pushed to do what i have being paid to do, beside, this is the first time I turned out to be a betrayer in my job.
Next he says that Jesus clearly told his disciples "who the betrayer was.